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A new way to look at the scripting documentation

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I have been working on improving the scripting documentation because I wanted to learn some web development :p

You can find it here:
This works with the relatively new scripting.json output which makes the scripting documentation machine readable. You can enable output of that from FSO by enabling "Output scriping doc to scripting.json" in your launcher similarly to how the previous documentation works. That will generate a scripting.json file in the same directory as scripting.html.
You can then select that file or drag'n'drop it on the page I linked above.

This is a very early version that is also not really optimized for performance.

In the future I would like to generate scripting.json files for each nightly and final release and then have a list of those versions directly on that page so that you don't have to always search for your scripting.json.

Please let me know what you think and what features you can think of that could be added in the future.

Cool. :)

It doesn't work with the Pale Moon browser, FYI.  It works fine with Firefox and Brave.

Thanks for letting me know. Browser Compatibility wasn't really a goal in this version but it should definitely work with Firefox and Chrome since that is what I develop with.

Very neat! I'll be playing around with this in the next few days, seems like a really nice tool update.

I pushed another update that should improve performance a bit. This now only supports the JSON documentation generated by recent nightlies so it will fail if you try to use an earlier version of scripting.json.


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