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Trivial Psychic:
I've been trying to go through the different BP models that generate error messages in debug builds, and the Toutatis has quite a lot of them.  There were a number of turrets in the model that aren't in the tables, and a number of turrets and submodels in the tables that aren't in the model.  I've removed the table data for the missing turrets, and I've deleted the pof data for the unused turrets and submodels so it's stopped complaining about them, but while investigating three paths with the same name I've discovered that the paths for all of the turrets are linked to the lod1 submodels and not the lod0 submodels.  Is this an accident or deliberate?  Will balancing those turrets as I did have any effect on gameplay?

After further examination, I see that there are paths for both the lod0 submodels AND the lod1 submodels.  I still don't understand WHY they need for both lods, but whatever.

I'm pretty sure thats just a byproduct of the SCP becoming much more pedantic about stuff that used to be fine.

Or rather, FSO getting better about warning you when there's something that isn't obviously broken but might cause subtle problems down the road. Warnings are there to help.
(the few times that they become crashing errors is another matter, of course.)

No paths should be attached to any submodels that aren't on LOD0, if those submodels aren't explicitly defined as a subsystem ($special=subsystem) then they are definitely doing nothing. I'm little scared to consider they might be actually flagged as subsystems in which case I have no idea how tf that is supposed to work.

Debug errors associated with missing turrets, subsystems etc. are in the FSO since... Forever. It's one of the most common type of modder mistakes during conversion. I didn't check Toutatis myself, but the issue is well known enough. This stuff wasn't added yesterday.

And the explanation is often simple: Lazy testing or last-minute addon to the modpack, that people forgot to test.


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