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Voice processing process

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Kind of a long shot, but do notes happen to exist for exactly how the various voices were processed for the AoA:DC lines? The GTVA radio-voice filtering, specifically. I would guess but only very tentatively that Battuta was responsible for that? I have done similar filtering in the past so I understand the general techniques that were likely used, but if purely hypothetically someone wanted to recreate the exact sound, trial and error could be a pretty long process. Even with notes an exact fit is unlikely, but it'd probably help.

HerraTohtori helped out with voice processing.

I keep this bookmarked for future reference:

Oh, well then. That should be precisely everything I need one would hypothetically need! Bless your foresight and the durability of your bookmarks  :D

Colonol Dekker:
Don't forget the voice acting forum here has some good guidance for anyone you might be reaching out to.

Well, in interests of giving back:

Audacity has gone through changes since then. Chains are gone, Macros do most everything they did as far as I can tell but very slightly differently.

They can also be exported via text, so here's the macro that I arrived at.

--- Code: ---NyquistPrompt:Command="(highpass8 *track* 500)" Parameters=""
Distortion:DC_Block="0" Noise_Floor="-70" Parameter_1="50" Parameter_2="50" Repeats="2" Threshold_dB="-6" Type="Leveller"
Normalize:ApplyGain="1" PeakLevel="0" RemoveDcOffset="1" StereoIndependent="0"
StereoToMono:Use_Preset="<Factory Defaults>"

--- End code ---


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