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Voice processing process

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 I found the output of my last posted macro unsatisfactory. I don't know if the one Darius saved wasn't the final one or if enough changed with audacity to mess it up, but the results come out pretty quiet and weak compared to the AoA game files. This one may still need adjusting but comes a lot closer

--- Code: ---StereoToMono:Use_Preset="<Factory Defaults>"
NyquistPrompt:Command="(highpass8 *track* 500)" Parameters=""
Compressor:AttackTime="0.2" NoiseFloor="-45" Normalize="1" Ratio="5" ReleaseTime="1" Threshold="-16" UsePeak="1"
LoudnessNormalization:DualMono="1" LUFSLevel="-8" NormalizeTo="0" RMSLevel="-20" StereoIndependent="0"

--- End code ---


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