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Blue Planet Complete has now been updated for compatibility with 22.1 builds and 4.5.1 MVPs.

Most of the change are compatibility and bugfixes, aside from a substantial rebalancing of Darkest Hour after the balance regressions that occured in the past few versions.

Changelog below.

--- Code: ---- Multiple pof fixes that raised debug warnings in newer builds.
- Multiple miscellaneous mission fixes to cope with stricter checks in newer builds (this includes an issue with unquoted <argument> fields)
- Support dockpath was shortened on the Uriel's new model.
- Updated the prefit Narayana (used by the Masyaf) with a custom kitbash model better reflecting its role as a carrier.
- Collision groups between capital ships have been generalized to most of the busy missions (especially Universal Truth 1) in order to optimize perf as well as dealing with new collisions that occured with the new Deimos model.
- A broken event from the Custos-X tutorial checking primary-fired-since has been removed as I couldn't find a way to fix it or reproduce it out of the dreamscape.
- Additional message sounds have been added to the TTS overrides.
- Fixed the Tower Defense script in Eye of the Storm (issue with a unparenthesed true in sexp call)

Darkest Hour rebalancing :
- The Redoubtable (Deimos corvette at the begining) will now follow a waypoint turning it away from Rheza station when the Uriel wing arrives, in order to divert missed bombs from said uriels from hitting the station.
- Rheza's plot armor is increased when the Valerie arrives, since at this point the player is not expected to influence the beam DPS inflicted by the corvette, and the slash can be pretty random.
- SSM delay was increased from 30s to 45s

--- End code ---

This requires some fixes that were introduced on nightlies >= 20220426.

Please report any issue you may encounter with this new version and thank you for playing  :)

Nice! It was getting a bit spotty there for a while in terms of stability.

It says it is compatible with MediaVp 4.33, not 4.51

Can't play at all. I get an error when i start Arestia (which is where I currently am now in the WIH 1 campaign)

Running FS2_open_21_0_0_x64_SSE2.exe

I get this message.

LUA ERROR: [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:87: attempt to index a nil value


stack traceback:
   [C]: ?
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:87: in function 'GetTextFromGauges'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:64: in function 'UpdateText'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:54: in function 'MakeList'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:198: in function 'proBoxOn'
   [string "String: proBoxOn()"]:1: in main chunk


That error message indicates you are most likely not using a new enough nightly version of FSO. If you download the most current build that should clear up.

Also 3.0.1 got uploaded which fixes the MVPs version mistargeting, it should load 4.5.1 now


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