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Question: Is it by design that the brightness control under the Options screen won't save your setting but always reverts back to 1.00 when you end the game and then return? I like my environment a little darker (I typically select 0.95) but if I leave the game and return, the brightness reverts back to 1.00. Odd, because if you adjust any other setting on the same Options screen, it will retain that setting next time you enter the game. But the brightness setting - not so much.  :(

This is also consistent between mods - whether it's FSO, FSPort, ST:R (and I have separate pilot files for all of these mods, in case you're wondering).

I am using the latest FSO EXE (22.2) with the latest MediaVPs for each mod.

So again, is this for some reason by design or is there something else going on here?