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2009-06-23 - A Much Closer Look At The Battlestar Theseus

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A short update today but one I think you'll like. Work is carrying on with the project quite nicely. Newman is making a lot of progress with the Basestar and texturing of the Theseus is under way. However we've had an interesting development with that ship that was worth pointing out.

After showing off the model of the Theseus on a few websites (read as many as we thought we could without getting accused of spamming), Meleardil got to talking with tan.j on the Sci-Fi Meshes website. Those of you who do frequent that website probably recognise the name but for those of you who don't, he's the guy behind the awesome Battlestar Ouroboros model.

Anyway the upshot of the whole chat was that we gave him a copy of the Theseus to turn into a high poly version we could use for promotional material (and cutscenes if we ever get the time). It will also help us somewhat with the texturing of the game model. Bear in mind that this isn't the in-game model (I guarantee someone isn't going to read this and will ask if this is the in-game model on the thread. :p) but we figured it was too beautiful to keep to ourselves.

General Battuta:
What a prow! She's a fighter.

is that an in-game model?   :lol:  :p

Looks pretty cool. Lot of talent over there alright!!!

Looks cool, tan.j did a great job in detailing the awesome design :yes:

I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks longer should you decide to add cutscenes with the up-polyfied ship.

Looking from the front, it's almost as if the top jaw is from Galactica, and the bottom jaw from Pegasus, it's an interesting mix of old and new.

I am a fan of Tan J's stuff and this is a brilliant model  :) :yes:


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