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A year and some months ago I learned about modelling, texturing, tabling, normal mapping and FRED. I then embarked on a modding journey to create Wings of Dawn. And now, finally. It's here.

Follow the happy go lucky 1st Joint Guardian Angel Strike Force as they go to far away places, meet new alien life forms and then, kill them.

A new universe
Glorious new weapons
A truck ton of custom made models
Hand made .ani's
And all sorts of wonderful content!

Download links:

* WoD-Core contains tables and missions v2 (Updated 23-08-10)
* WoD-Sound contains music and sounds
* WoD-Visuals contains effects, maps, interface etc.
* WoD-Patch (Added 18-08-11)

Mediafire mirror:

* WoD-Core v2 (Updated 23-08-10)
* WoD-Sound
* WoD-Visuals
* WoD-Patch (Added 18-08-11)
* Small WoD-Patch2 (Added 20-06-14) Required for newer builds
Radar Icons:
Radar Icons
Thanks to Aetheron for going through the effort of adding these.

Sectorgame mirror:
Complete package

Wings of Dawn requires:

* MediaVPs, 3.6.12
* The 3.6.12 build or newer
* Just like other mods, WoD will look for the mediavps in /mediavps_3612/ so ensure that's where your mediavps are!

After downloading:

* Once you have downloaded the files above, simply extract them to your FreeSpace 2 folder.
* Open your FreeSpace 2 Launcher (usually launcher.exe), go to MOD tab and select Wings of Dawn as your mod. Open Features tab and select Gameplay as list type. Make sure you have enabled "Use models for ship selection" and "Use models for weapons selection". I personally do not recommend lighting settings that have no ambient lighting.
* It is strongly recommended to create a new pilot to play Wings of Dawn
* Once in-game, go to the Campaign menu, select the Wings of Dawn campaign and start playing!

Axem made mission:
Axem in his glory made a stand alone mission for WoD. In which he shows off some cool camera work (again)
Which can be downloaded from Here
Put this into Wings of Dawn/data/missions and play it through the techroom

I strongly hope you will all enjoy this mod and that the ride is as bug free as possible!

Disclaimer: Mission one was in fact the first mission I ever fredded, I apologize if it's too boring  :p
Yes, the LSF ships are suppose to be shiny and reflective like that.

Checksum info for The E's convenience

--- Code: ---#Found root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Core.vp' with a checksum of 0x70f4a526
#Found root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Sound.vp' with a checksum of 0x7b2cfb6e
#Found root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Visual.vp' with a checksum of 0x52398661
#Searching root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Core.vp' ... 72 files
#Searching root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Sound.vp' ... 96 files
#Searching root pack 'G:\Games\Freespace\WoDVP\WoD-Visual.vp' ... 2679 files
--- End code ---

Spoiler:So, I'm shipping Misuzu and Crystal, who's with me? =o


--- Quote from: AndrewofDoom on August 22, 2010, 02:07:17 pm ---Spoiler:So, I'm shipping Misuzu and Crystal, who's with me? =o
--- End quote ---
Spoiler:Misuzu x Crystal wooo


--- Quote from: AndrewofDoom on August 22, 2010, 02:07:17 pm ---Spoiler:So, I'm shipping Misuzu and Crystal, who's with me? =o
--- End quote ---

Spoiler:Oh god, I knew the shipping wars would find me here eventually...

Expect crack pairings list when I'm done.

Finally released, now it's time to start working on:
a). WoD2.
b). VAing and updating graphics for WoD.
Also, for those who don't like FS missiles being everywhere:
Custom made optional missile replacement pack.
Credits for FoTG team, creator of Renegade Ressurgence, BTRL and Inferno team.
EDIT: Fixed a misapplied credit, shouldn't have posted so late at night.


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