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After some talking with Spoon being all reminiscent of the past and delivering him something, I got all inspired to model again. I decide to remake my LSF Knight. Except this time it's going to be the SF Knight. Will there be an LSF version of this one? Who knows.

I actually used an older model of mine as a base. Some may recognize it, most won't. The idea of this is to make it less of an overgrown Challenger with a lot of copy-paste turrets and make a more versatile ship. There will be a beam cannon, but I'm probably going to make it similar to the HTL Hades side beams turrets and have it on a swivel. Maybe multiple of them for multitarget engaging fun.

Colonol Dekker:
I really like this  :yes:
What's the colour scheme going to be?

So is this going to be SF version of the Lord? Otherwise it might be as well a CRF ship in place of the Champion.

I remember the name Knight from somewhere, probably the in-game information.

The Sol Fleets are certainly getting a major upgrade. First the new Champion, and now this beast. It's a very nice looking model, I can just picture fighters streaming from both bays.

I wish you luck with this, AndrewofDoom. It could be a fine addition to the new WoD fleets.

Commander Zane:
What is the SF relative to the LSF? Is it simply Star Force, or a different branch altogether using the same starting letters?


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