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HUD Bug, Mission Ending

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After playing a few co-op scenarios and an extended dogfight with a few friends there were a few minor problems we noticed amidst the otherwise awesome experience.

1)  Sometimes some of us would start without a HUD, over the course of playing a few games we eventually all had this problem.  It appears like you have to restart the game to correct it.  My best guess is it has something to do with observing, and the observer HUD getting stuck on the player carrying over to the next game.

2) After playing in a grand free-for-all dogfight we wanted to exit and look at the post-mission scores and such to see who came out on top.  As the host, trying to end the mission didn't seem to work and ultimately I just had to quit the game to end the match for everyone (and no scores!).  This seems like an issue in FOS more than Diaspora but having some kind of solution would do a lot for our dueling pride.

General Battuta:
Try hitting shift-O when you have no hud.

In the few test dogfights I've run in FSO, I recall that the host had to jump out to end the mission, which doesn't really make sense for Diaspora Vipers :)  If you have a chance, could you check to see if the mission ends properly when the host presses Alt-J?

Just run any singleplayer mission - see the HUD is OK, then run multi! :)

I tried both jumping and toggling the HUD during the session and neither worked.  It seemed like once a person dies during a mission and observes, there's a tendency for the game to get locked in the observer HUD.  Trying to toggle it back on was my first instinct and it didn't work.

I could jump out as normal during other co-op missions but while flying the dogfight scenario that's included with the installer I was unable to.  It could just be something particular to the way that mission is put together.

EDIT:  Oh and one other thing I only just noticed from screenshots someone was sharing with the group:  for some reason the analog ammunition counter appears twice on the HUD.  Once beside the targeting area and then again overlapping it but offset just slightly to the right and down.


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