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Error when trying to go to first mission


When I hit continue from the main screen to go to the first mission briefing, it fails with  an error message.  I am using the 3612 version of the inf, since with the 372 inf it doesn't get part the very first screen where it shows the name of the campaign before the pilot selection screen.  I am able to run the normal campaign and Age of Aquarius/War in Heaven with no issues.
Trying to hit ok for the debugger causes Freespace 2 to stop working.  I don't know much about looking into issues with this, so I'd appreciate any help I can get.  The error is attached.

[attachment kidnapped by pirates]

Have you tried running the game with a normal build and not a debug build?

I didn't even notice that!  I feel like a goof.
The mission seems to be going now, thanks for the quick reply.


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