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Update: July 11, 2018!

jad221_root, and jad222_root were updated

Cowboy Delta Star:

* Holley after battling the Battlemoles is invincible nowTables:

* Fixed an issue causing bugs in "Escape from High School"
* Possibly improved performance for VN Scenes...

Update: January 13, 2019!

jad221_root, and jad222_root were updated
Stop the Music:

* The Berserk Tutorial does not crash the gameTables:

* Assorted minor fixes

Update: December 24, 2019!

All files updated with minor changes, but here's the highlights:

Weapon Balance Changes:

* Novalance's damaged nerfed to 60-20 (from 80-30), (Hull DPS now 1800-600 instead of 2400-900, by comparison the Maxim has 1750 Hull DPS)
* Unlimited Laser Works damage nerfed from 120-30 to 65-30, (Hull DPS now 2600-1200 instead of 4800-1200)
* Progressive Edge has now been super buffed, it no longer just does subsystem damage and is a real viable weapon (with super short range)
* Progressive Chainsaw has also been kinda buffed and nerfed. There's no warmup time anymore, but it does the same base damage as the Prog Edge (but its lifetime is longer so it will do more damage overall)
* TempestXL's cargo size reduced from 1 to 0.666
* Shockin' and Jammin' Torpedo cargo size reduced from 10 to 3.75
* HAXase and HAXase Virus cargo size reduced from 10 to 5
* Light of Justice's cargo size reduced from 15 to 10, speed increased from 200 to 260m/s, range increased from 1500m to 2990m
* Flame of Justice's cargo size reduced from 15 to 10, range increased from about 3000m to 3990m
* The child warheads for the two have had their turning rates buffed a bit
Just a quick comment about the Novalance and ULW nerfs: It does seem like a drastic nerf, but when facing capital ships there's almost no reason not to bring it and I wanted to give reasons to consider other weapons (which I buffed a bunch of). Those two weapons still rip any fighter apart in no time though. Yeah its just Maxim DPS but it does full damage to shields!


* Forced Feeding: Stop messages from arriving on top of each other if everybody kills the Shivan cruisers before disarming the Ravana
* Temporary Pact of Friendship: Fixed Merv's positioning at the end

* Very Ultra Rare Limited Edition and ...get Revengeance: Dissy has a 10% guardian now so he won't vanish if you damage him too much before killing a core
* Meet Cute: Added a checkpoint skip to the outskirts
* Almost Anything is Possible: Momma Lucy won't notice Dissler if he arrives after she's decided to leave. (Close call, Dissler!)


Update: December 30, 2019!

All jad221_root, jad222_root and jad223_root have been updated.


* Tables: axscroll-sct.tbm moved to jad221 so the VN script won't break if you don't have the other parts
* Power of Friendship: Buffed Holley's health when you're Delta 1

* Just Another Date: Better sooner checkpoint skip added

* Cake Eater & Stood Up Bride: Builtin messages disabled until I figure out what's going on with the messages.tbl


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