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RELEASE: New Path Chapter 1

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Yeah, the nav buoy is my solution as well.

I've just completed New Path Chapter 1 and I would really like to show my appreciation for the GNN cutscenes, which are a very nice touch that surprised me and deserve some special recognition. I'd recommend sharing this kind of content on a dedicated YouTube video.

Speaking of the campaign itself, I did notice some minor glitches here and there, and I agree with those who reported that mission balance was somehow compromised in critical missions, but I also have to say that the plot became much more interesting towards the end and I'm really looking for a possible sequel, which I hope is currently WIP.  :yes:

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it. And yes, Chapter 2 is still WIP.

But unfortunately real life has a tendency to get into your way. I have another update for Chapter 1 almost ready which addresses some of the problems including the balance issues. And I managed to write and revise the scripts for Chapter 2, so I'm basically ready to start FREDding. I hope I can release the update within the next couple of weeks and then start with actually building Chapter 2. However, I have to finish some projects first, so I cannot make any definitive promises yet.

So, I finally was able to finish the update to Chapter 1 that has been in the works for over a year... Real life really has a way to interfere with plans. But on the bright side, I finished revising the scripts for Chapter 2, so they're ready to go. If nothing goes wrong (fingers crossed) I will start fredding next week.

Here's the changelog for the new update 1.1.0 (since quite a few things changed, I decided it's worth to increase the version number to 1.1.0)

Patch 1.1.0 Changes

This update contains a major rebalancing of almost all missions in chapter 1. The intent is to remove some spikes in mission difficulty, trying to smooth out the difficulty curve over the course of the chapter. Another important aspect was improving on the default behavior of the AI wingmen, making them less suicidal and more helpful (which in turn reduces difficulty).

Besides that, there's a lot of individual changes:

* General: compatibility checked with latest versions of FSO engine and mod dependencies
* General: rebalancing of all missions (e.g. friendly AI behavior, hostile timings, hostile weapon selection, and more...)
* General: MV_Compatibility package added as required dependency to avoid missing textures
* General: some wording changes to texts in the missions (briefings, messages, etc.)
* Mission 1: some tweaks to avoid confusing messaging bug
* Mission 1: wording issues in briefing and mission corrected
* Mission 4: wording error in debriefing corrected
* Mission 10: added some security features to ensure outcome of scripted events
* Mission 10: removed player orders from the Ibis
* Mission 10: timing of Ibis opening fire synced to the messages
* Mission 11: wording error in command briefing fixed
* Mission 11: arrival paths of hostile bombers are less random
* Mission 12: typos in briefing and debriefing corrected
* Mission 14: arrival paths of hostile wings are less random
* Mission 14: AI orders of hostile ships adapted slightly
* Mission 14: removed success music for some goals before the end of the mission
* Mission 15: Intrepid hull integrity reduced to reflect damages from previous battle
* Mission 16: ship class of the Sisson in briefing corrected
* Mission 16: Alpha 4 and Beta 4 have been told to use silent mode with the rest of their wings
* Mission 16: silent mode now disables glow-maps of friendly fighters
* Mission 17: older bomber classes added to the mission (due to popular demand)
* Mission 17: some AAA turrets of the Intrepid were replaced with laser turrets
* Mission 17: the Intrepid's repair crews now tire quicker
* Mission 18: short range sensor threshold increased for targetting
* Mission 18: arrival conditions for later enemy wings now contain a stop condition
* Mission 19: escape pod departure delay increased by 10 seconds
* Mission 19: messaging bug fixed
* Mission 19: Lambda transport secured against disabling
* Mission 19: Bosch missile launchers now have a less dangerous ordnance
* Mission 19: escape pod secured against accidental destruction during warp-out
* Mission 20: viewpoint of player ship corrected while under AI control
* Mission 20: explosion radius for the scripted explosion reduced so it doesn't look that much like overkill
* Mission 20: timing of scripted events corrected to reduce downtime
Thanks a lot to RedmageJoe for his feedback when he streamed New Path.

Once I'm ready for a beta test on Chapter 2 I'll let you know.

Ah, nice to see this. :)


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