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Diaspora : listing of proposed improvements


Hi everyone!

I haven't joined the Diaspora dev team yet, and maybe
that I would not be accepted ...

But still, Karajorma was kind enough that I make some "small" proposals
improvements for Diaspora! :)

Small details: I'm bad at writing code and debugging games ...
my skills are elsewhere ...

I also want to clarify that I have completely modified a 15th of fighting games
(the latest being Diaspora :)) space.
In which I reviewed all the flight statistics of ships and weapons,
match those of current hunters, and more; my goal, being to make these games a lot
more nervous and realistic!
(on average, maneuverability between x2 and 3, acceleration x2/3, speed x1.5/2 ...)
So I know how to go about balancing this type of game properly!

These proposals for improvements are therefore addressed above all to lovers of real nervousness,
speed and maneuverability adjusted to those of current fighters !!
Things that make today, totally defective to the Diaspora flight model!

here are my personal mods:

Here is my Youtube channel:

My Topic:

you may already be unlocking some :), or you may have already developed some,
but which do not work ...
but, thank you in advance for being open-minded!
well, not knowing precisely what you have already done ... here it is:

(my goal is to make the best game I can to make the dogfight gameplay of
Star Wars Squadron, Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen!
by showing these narrow devs minds that have been rampant for 35 years, that we can perfectly
develop a game of this type leveled hand high! and that there is always gameplay!
you still have to know how to do it to develop it as such ...)

I) General improvements.

a) Graphics.

* The brightness of the game:

-overall, Diaspora is much too dark, it is really hard to see the fighters
 and their movements, and be able to anticipate them; which poses a problem with hunters too
 smaller than those of BSG!
 Diaspora is as dark as the X-Wing Alliance! and increasing the brightness of options
 of the game does not change much.

 Some of you may know that we had the excellent patch last year.
 "XWAU2020.exe" from the XWA Upgrade team!

 the team had the great idea to increase the overall brightness of the game!
 as an example, with one of my X-Wing Alliance videos (with my personal modifications):

=> I propose to increase the overall lumisotée natively by at least 25% !
     30% ? 35% ? more ? to have ...

* Speed & graph effect:

-a very important graphic element is missing from the HUD:
 the grid of points, which allows you to visualize the speed and acceleration of your ship.
 as in the 2 Independence War, Star Wars Squadron and the X-Wing Alliance HD-2020 pack.

=> 2 possibilities: -really in the HUD (I-War)
                   -speed effect external to the cockpit (X-Wing Alliance)

Independence War 2 (with my personal mods):

X-Wing Alliance:

* The HUD display options you removed:

why did you remove them? it's a great idea! and it is a pity that we are not
plus this possibility ...
that would be really good, if you could put this option back, thanks :)

b) Game options.

* General options:

for solo and multi

-keyboard functions:
 the strafe axes "right / left" and "up / down" are missing, to be able to program
 the strafe on the mini joystick of the HOTAS type T-16000, Wardog, G-940 ...

-implement precision axis management curves for all joysticks on the market.
 (as in Star Citizen options)

-the option of "Target Lock" (the locking and tracking of the active target with the pilot's head) works
 really bad, compared to that of X-Wing Alliance!
 would it be possible to improve this functionality?
 and put it as an option toggle, in the game options?
 (for my part, it always activates at the worst possible moment, with a combo of stupid keys
 -I modified the prog of the functions of the game - which is particularly annoying!)
  and add the "Target Lock" keyboard function in the keyboard program.
  (Options / Control Config / Targeting)

-The keyboard function "Target last attacker", does not work on my side ...
 is this normal?

=> Can we develop a specific "Track-IR" and "VR" management add-on for Diaspora?
   (as with the X-Wing Alliance HD-2020 pack?)

=> Can we also make the solo companion playable in multi (cooperative) with at least 12 players?

=> Can we do missions with 24 fighters x2, for multi?

* New "Gameplay" options tab:

for solo and multi

=> is it possible to add a specific tab (after the "Detail" tab), with the following options:

-the "Arcade Mode":
 have an option that divides the inertia part 2, as in the version
 Particle Systems Independence War Deluxe.
 why: to make the game more accessible to novice pilots.
-have an automatic lure release mechanism, while always having the possibility of
 drop manually in parallel! (essential function with missiles causing damage
 lethal, and more without energy shields to protect fighters).

-weapon options:
 guns => ammunition x1.25 / x1.5 / x2
 guns => rate of fire> slow / medium / fast
 guns => precision> low / medium / high
 missiles / torpedoes => activated / deactivated
 IMP missiles => activated / deactivated

-flight performance options:
-4 different versions, with increasing flight performance from one version to another.
 (acceleration and maneuverability, (with damage, maneuverability, cannon fire rate and missile mass))
 -newbie  (speed x1)
 -able       (speed x2)
 -veteran (speed x2)
 -ace        (speed x2)

  why => to have the possibility of piloting really nervous fighters!
              and do not have to level the balance from the bottom with only one
              it is the one and only solution that I have ever found to bring together all the
              player piloting levels, as well as all types of gameplays in one
              and unique game.
              it's like with the difficulty levels of a game, but moreover transferred to
              the flight perf of the hunters.

-realistic damage location management toggle option with real-time impact.
 (what we currently are very unrealistic, and practically without any impact)

-realistic critical damage management toggle option! being able to always fly without
 problems with only 1% hull and unrealistic ...
 (activate the option from 75% ? 80% or 90% sudden damage? to see ...)

-Headshot toggle option.
 (kills instantly)

-"Friendly Fire" toggle option.
 (solo and multi, with integration of the blast area of ??all weapons)

-inclination of the pilot's head according to the load factor.

-sound intensity sliders for all alarms in the game.
 (priority to missiles)

II) Engine mechanics of the game.

a) General.

-one thing escapes me with aiming assistance with the cannons: it works very well in
 solo mode, but not at all in multi ?? !!!
 what is the problem, exactly?
 one of the main priorities for me, and to make this mechanic work as well in solo
 that in multi!
 otherwise, developing the multi mode, as proposed in the "Level design" section, risks being a
 pure waste of time ...
 so, please do all you can to make it work well in multi mode! :)

-add a 2nd level of precision with the barrels, with a multiplier (set on the base precision
 value) which reduces the precision of the latter:
 the longer you shoot with it, the lower the accuracy of the guns!
 (because of the increasing decline)

-add an "electronic war" keyboard function for the Viper Mk-VIIe, Raptor and Raider ADV, which
 would allow to jam the enemy missiles and torpedoes only:
 Viper Mk-VIIe => 33% probability
 Raptor           => 50% probability
 Raider ADV    => 66% probability ... to see ...

-all ships lack an armor value as well as the penetration rate of
 this one.
 which would allow to more finely balance the resistance of each vessel.

Viper Mark-II
$Hitpoints:    400
$Armor:            30

$Damage:          15.0
$ArmorPentration: 5.0

HD-70 Lightning Javelin
$Damage:          200
$ArmorPentration: 40.0

-there are 3 very important stat missing on the missiles, which prevents them from being balanced
linear acceleration / deceration
strafe acceleration / deceleration
strafe speed

HD-70 Lightning Javelin
$Velocity:            1000.0
$Slide Velocity:          300.0
$Forward accel / decel: 2.0
$Slide accel / decel:      0.25

b) Propulsion.

-Behavior in "Assisted" flight mode and "Glide" mode:
 (I have noticed a lot of inconsistencies and shortcomings in the behavior of the ships, which affect
 strongly to the potential of Diaspora!)
 -impossible to fire with cannons and missiles when strafe! which is perfectly illogical,
  and leads to too much loss of DPS!
  please make sure to activate shooting WITH ALL weapons and with all fighters, as well
  in "Assisted" flight mode and "Glide" mode!
 -Inertia is absent on all axes in "Glide" mode, so please put it in this flight mode.

 -with the "Glide" mode activated:
  with the trottle, you can accelerate, but not decelerate ??!
  you must use the rear strafe to be able to slow down!
  and in addition, keep the button pressed; otherwise, the ship returns to speed
  possitive programmed!
  and it's not over: in addition, for it to go at the programmed speed, it is necessary to
  reactivate a 2nd time the rear strafe; otherwise, moving the trottle does not affect the

 -the same problem arises with the use of the 4 strafe axes ...

 -with FSO v3.8.1, on Knossos, you have further reduced the field of possibilities, by removing the possibility
  to keep its programmed post-combustion speed constant with the "Glide" mode active ??!
  result, if we release the pressure on the PC key, we invariably slow down to the speed of
  programmed base ...
  not good at all, there, gentlemen! really not good! but, really not good at all!

  looked for the error ... total lack of flexibility and realism in the use of all functions
  strafe simultaneously from "Glide" mode! ...

=>in fact, once the "Glide" mode is activated, the trottle must be reset to 0% ; without what,
  the vessel will invariably decelerate to return to stalling on the programmed speed ...
  which therefore means, that the "Assisted" mode is integrated into the "Glide" mode ??!
  while having the ascendancy over the latter ??? !!
  which poses a major problem in terms of behavior and possibilities ...
  the "Glide" mode should always keep the ascendant on the "Assisted" mode, and the use of the trottle
  with "Glide" mode active, should not modulate speed; but on the contrary, stay in the
  continuity of use of "Glide" mode!

as you have seen, the programming of the trottle, in space flight, and something complex ...
and requires special care!

We should be able to do:

-accelerate with the afrburner up to its maximum speed, 0m/s!
-To then activate the "Glide" mode and keep its programmed flickering speed
 at a moment T.
-and activate / deactivate "Glide" mode at will while accelerating / decelerating,
 and keep its programmed speed, regardless of the flight mode activated!
 (exactly like in the 2 I-War!)

In Independence War, only 2 manipulations - at most - are enough:
1- activate the throttle (regardless of the degree of %).
2- accelerate / decelerate with the front or rear strafe.

You can even accelerate directly with the strafe while having the trottle at zero,
It works very well !

-for the acceleration reduction mechanics, I noticed that it engages approximately at 80% of
 the maximum speed (basic and post-combustion speed); it is clearly too early!
 activate it from 90%, see 95%, thank you.

-deffinitively remove the mechanics that automatically slow down the speed of its fighter, when
 hit the guns.
 (the sup of the associated flag in ships.tbl is not sufficient!)

-My trip would be to be able to use the afterburner on the strafe!
 the postcomtion speed on the strafe is already present, but not usable; very
 probably because of the lack of acceleration on this stat.
 (use the same autonomy as for the linear post-processing)

Viper Mark-II
$Afterburner: YES
   +Aburn Max Vel: 300.0, 300.0, 600.0
      +Aburn For accel:    0.75
      +Aburn Slide accel:    0.125
      +Aburn Fuel:       600.0 (activated for linear and strafe CP)
      +Aburn Burn Rate:    50.0   (activated for linear and strafe CP)
      +Aburn Rec Rate:    75.0   (enabled for linear and strafe CP)

how to use it in game => 1-keep the afterburner function activated
                          2-simultaneously activate a strafe thruster

-add maneuverability on the postcomtion, to be able to reduce it at the same time as
 the use of the latter:

$Afterburner: YES
   +Aburn Max Vel: 300.0, 300.0, 600.0
      +Rotation time: 2.0, 2.5, 1.5

-add a 2nd level of postcomtion to be able to increase the speed with a 2nd of
 PC speed level and associated maneuverability:
 level 1 => lowest speed, with slightly reduced maneuverability> usable in combat
 level 2 => highest speed, with greatly reduced maneuverability> not usable in combat

$Afterburner2: YES
   +Aburn Max Vel: 450.0, 450.0, 900.0
      +Rotation time: 2.5, 3.0, 2.0

how to use it in game => 1-create a function of "postcombution2", which activates directly
                             all its properties.
                          2-with the basic function of the PC, double tap> activate the
                             "post-combustion2" (in auto function: remains active without
                              finger press), 3rd press> deactivates the PC.
                             (expand the 2 functions, s-v-p!)

=> put the "postcombution2" option toggle in the "Gameplay" options tab.

=> Ai_profiles.tbl> add the behavior of % of use of the "post-combustion" and
                              (as with "Glide Attack Percent" ...)

-use the same physics engine with the same constraints for missiles, debris ... as with

c) Missile locking functions.

-have a qi function allows simultaneous locking of 2/4/6 different targets, as with
 the Rafale!
 (Colonials 2/4, Cylon 2/4/6)

-I noticed a big error in the behavior with the missiles:
 even with the active target locked from the front, all missiles will invariably maneuver
 within 6 hours of the latter ??!
 it has been at least 20 years that not only EM missiles, but also IR missiles, can catch
 a 360° target !!!
 for IR missiles (Foxe-Fire 2), if locked within 6 hours of a ship, increase the rate
 probability of impact of 10 to 20% ...
 but also, take into account their current capacities!

=> if a missile hits a target in front or on a flank, make sure that it turns completely
     right on this one, thanks :)

-with EM missiles, if the target he has attached has successfully avoided it, and if he has
 any fuel left, get them to hang a new target in their cone of vision!
 (and those, until the fuel runs out => the Foxe-Fire 2 & 3 Cylon, as well as the Foxe-Fire 3

-Advanced guidance system for all missiles:
 they must be able to dodge ALL the obstacles between them and their target!
 (ships, stations, missiles, debris and asteroids!)

=> apply all these mods to the Swarmers rockets!

III) Level design.

a) General.

the level design in FreeSpace has always been a problem, the maps are too small
and almost empty ...

-model as many stations as possible, to have well-filled maps.

-model debris and environments of all kinds.

=> to be inspired directly by the excellent level design of "Star Wars Squadron" seems to me
     be a good alternative.

b) Asteroid fields.

-the asteroid fields are also much too small! we clearly don't have
 the impression of being there, because we can cross them much too quickly; immersion question
 it's really not great ...
 the ideal would be to see if it would be possible to increase their size in such a way
 150 km side would be really good (at the very least 50 km side), with a maximum density
 at can equal to that which we currently have.

c) Race mode.

-It's a shame that we don't have the possibility to have a single and multi race mode!
 will it be possible to develop one for Diaspora?

-and model the classic rings, and asteroids of all kinds and hollow for power
 to race.

X-Wing Alliance:

I-War 1:

I-War 2:

=> to be inspired directly by the excellent level design of "X-Wing Alliance" seems to me
     be a good alternative.

IV) The HUD (personal customization, readability, alarms) and the aiming system.
______________________________________________________________ __

=> Small clarification: I am a graphic designer, therefore, quite able to see the shortcomings
     of the FreeSpace HUD.

Example with SC:

HUD I-War 2:

a) Targeting.

-why removing the fixed aiming reticle in the center of the HUD, with FSO v3.8.1?
 it is an essential element, which allows greater precision in shooting and for maneuvers !!
 so, thank you for putting it back! :)
-Shooting on a secondary target immediately passes it to the primary target,
 (affected or not).
-Multi-targeting: be able to lock 2 to 6 ships at the same time with all
 its missiles.
 distributed over several vessels, where all on the same.
-Display asteroids and debris with a "filter" / funcion (toggle)
 (first 25% visible / 50% ... and 75% ...)

b) Alarms.

-Make all alarms work on 360 °!
 I have found that the collision alarm only works on obstacles
 located in front of the vessel, it is consequently too inefficient.
 and only when you have collided with the obstacle!
 which is absolutely useless!

  - with asteroids and debris:
      * play with the thickness of the line according to the distance of each

  - with all collision alarms (ships and asteroids / debris):
      * increase the alarm activation gate, proportionally between the
        speed and distance.
      * in the event of a potential collision:
        flash the selection frame of the vessel and / or asteroid (s) in
        synchronization with the alarm.
        (the closer the threat, the faster the blinking).

  - with missiles:
      * to clearly differentiate all missiles:
        only display the selection boxes for missiles that have targeted their ship.
        => if potential collision with an unlocked missile / torpedo on his ship,
             display their selection frames by flashing them ...
             (with synchronization, flashing, thickness of the lines of the selection frame ...
             handles exactly as with the asteroid alarm).
      * display all selection frames for all torpedoes.

-offensive missiles: selection frame in equilateral traingle, yellow in color.
=> for Swarmer rockets, make a triangle at least 25% smaller.
=> add a horizontal line inside the triangle for Foxe-Fire 3.
    (distance from his ship displayed above the triangle / speed ... below)

-IMP missiles: selection frame in exagon, purple or mauve.
 (distance from his ship displayed above the triangle / speed ... below)

-offensive bullets: selection frame in a circle, blue in color.
 (distance from his ship displayed above the triangle / speed ... below)

-antorpilles: selection frame in a circle with a cross in it, blue in color.
 subsystems (distance from his ship displayed above the triangle / speed ... below)

  - increase the alert messages from one to three seconds.

-Alarms to add:

 -arrived from unknown vessels, (unidentified, see Dradis from BattleStar Galactica).
 -arms (cannons and / or missiles), locked on his vessel:
  * to the right of "Guns"> put the total number of hunters firing on his ship.
 -missile attack:
  * to the right of "Lock"> put the total number of missiles that have locked your ship.
    (missile type part: example> 4 offensive sets in yellow, and 1 IMP in purple)

  => make the alarm flash in synchronization (with the number of the number of vessels ...) with the
     selection frames for the target (s) with their displays on the radar, (as with missiles),
     but only for those shooting you!

  => to the right of "Guns" & "Lock"> add a 2 full discs, which will appear and flash (with a
     specific sound) when you are shot with cannons and missiles within 6 hours only!
     (yellow disk> missiles / red disk> cannons)

 -critical damage to the hull, (from 75% damage).
 -maximum "optimum maneuvering" speed reached.
 -max "afterburner" speed reached.
 -"negative" max speed reached.
 -"zero" speed reached.
 -collisions => *ships.
            *asteroids / debris.

  therefore, 2 different collision alarms!

c) The readability of the HUD and the addition of certain functions.
 -thank you for putting the "minus" in front of the display of the speed of your ship, when you are in
  negative speed!
  (very important detail, that!)

 -display all ships in the player's visual field:
   add ALL enemy ships and allies with red or green frames, and pass the active target
   in a solid square (twice as thick) of green or red color, depending on the IFF of the vessels!
  => permanently display its mother ship, and enemies, with the associated directional arrows.
     (with the colors associated with the IFF of each vessel, and non-solid arrows> just the line
     exterior ... see Star Wars Squadron HUD).
 -the small inverted "T" which rotates around the central reticle to indicate the front of the
  active target, although being a great idea, is totally unreadable!
  => add inside each selection frame of enemy ships, a 3D wire triangle
       who will turn at the speed of each ship; and mark the bow of each vessel with the 1st
       full millimeter, and a line at the end of each wing, to indicate the plane.
       (see Elite Dangerous HUD)

-in the center of the Colonial HUD (in the large square):
  * at the top left, to the right of the programmed speed> display the maximum maneuvering speed.
  * at the bottom right, to the right of the name of the equipped missile> display the reload time of this one.
  * with HD-51s (only) fitted with> display a dotted locking circle in the large square.
     (HD-51s can only hang a target in this circle> see F-16 / F-18 HUDs in DCS)
 -with Colonnial and Cylon HUDs:
  * display of the range of arms:
    guns => dynamic aiming reticle (with aiming assistance)>
             > 1st 25% range     (short range)         > in green.
             > 26% to 50% range  (average protean) > in yellow.
             > 51% to 75% range  (long range)         > in orange.
             > 76% to 100% range (very protean)      > in red.

    missiles => vertical range gauge>
             > 1st 50% range       (short range)         > in green.
             > 51% to 75% of range (average protean) > in yellow.
             > 76% to 90% range     (long range)            > in orange.
             > 91% to 100% range   (very long range)  > in red.
   (see the Mirage 2000-C HUD in DCS)

 -Full HUD => display synchronized with the movements of the pilot's head.
  (HUD displays on helmet visor, and more in BSG, since hunters do not have a physical HUD).
  with the function: "focus target" and the 4 movements of the head (look to the right, up ...). Fxgt_U1amgXsuM: E1wtH2L5ofX8TM:

 -camera in color of the active target, (see the HUD of FreeSpace & I-War 1). = 6ghdihdiw=g5g5cdddcdcdcdcdcdcdc = :ojmdiq=926ajmdiq=926dig=ojmdiq=926qiuqiqiuqiuqiuuqiuq = 268MBiHdiq=9DiMaJddiq

 -around the selection frame of the active target:
  (and possibly secondary targets).
      * on the left => distance from the target with its speed.
        (see the I-War 2 HUD).


* Points to be developed as a priority:

1-Operate the gun aiming assistance for the multi.
  (so that I can correctly test my balancing in multi, it is crucial and vital!)

2-Physics engine:
  a) be able to fire ALL weapons with the strafe active, in "assisted" and "glide" flight mode.
  b) add the linear strafe accelerations, and the strafe speed for missiles and torpedoes.
  c) if a missile strikes a target in front or on a flank, make sure that it is completely
     right on this one, thanks! :)
  d) activation of the post-combustion on the strafe, (right, left, up and down).
     (with the addition of the line "+ Aburn Slide accel:")
  e) Afterburner2, with the "Rotation time", (for the 2 PC levels).
  f) armor plating for all ships, as well as armor penetration rate for all weapons.
  g) auto release of decoys.

  a) display ALL vessels.
  b) display of missiles and torpedoes.
  c) display of locking / missile / cannon fire alarms within 6 hours of his vessel.
  d) the generic display of asteroids.


==> would it be possible to make the cutscenes pre-calculated with the stats of my "Ace" version
    or "Veteran"?

==> the distance separating each navigation point accessible by Newtonian propulsion>
    20 to 40 km   > short distance, (average distance separating the Colonial fleet from the Cylon bases,
    according to my personal estimate in the series).
    60 to 80 km   > average distance.
    100 to 160 km > long distance.
    > for single player campaign missions, and multiplayer missions!
      in order to feel the distance, and have larger maps ...

==> eventually, if the game is going well, why not make a real competition mode, with ranking,
    stats share ships and weapons, and success? (as with Star Wars Squadron)
    (provided that the assistance of the gun aiming system works well in multi, and that the level
    design for the multi is well fleshed out ...)

==> Would it be possible to develop all these improvements for "Wing Commader Saga"?
    and activate the multi for the latter? (with at least 12 missions)

There you go, the more you can develop a maximum of my proposals, the better Diaspora will be! :)
Good luck to you !


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