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RELEASE: Solaris - Black Sun (A FreeSpace Open Total Conversion)

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Recommended Build: 21.4.0 Stable

Two weeks have passed since the events at Morik. Stuart Ross, disillusioned by his experiences as a Federation exchange pilot, is contacted by an old friend from his backwater Navy posting to take up a mercenary job in the fringes of colonised space. This seems like a perfect change of pace - until Ross realises that you can't always run from your past.

Set in an original universe where the discovery of hyperspace has led to a Golden Age of human colonisation and technology, Solaris takes place during a time of great changes. However, this is also an age of extremes - the Great War left several planets ecologically devastated, including the cradle of humanity, Earth. Like the Cold War of the 20th Century, humanity is faced with terrifying new doomsday technologies that have the potential to bring about Armageddon.


* Standalone total conversion
* A new 12-mission campaign
* Fast-paced challenging combat that rewards smart play
* Uses an overhauled AI to create dynamic, intelligent enemies
* Cinematic battles
* Epic soundtrack

Gameplay tips:

* Unlearn everything you know about dogfighting in FreeSpace! Solaris combat is fast, the AI is deadly and movement abilities such as strafe and glide are critically important to dogfight effectively.
* Jink around! Make extensive use of strafe, glide and velocity changes to stay alive. Make yourself as unpredictable as possible. Fly in a straight line, you get hit.
* Your cannons autoaim in a cone that depends on difficulty level. If you're having trouble landing shots, try decreasing the difficulty.
* It's dangerous to go out alone! Fly with support wherever you can. Your capital ships' point defenses are a resource available to you in combat, utilise them at every opportunity.
* There are no shields, but your repair drone is a fast and nimble support ship that allows swift hull repair.

This project would not be possible without the generous contributions of the Hard-Light community.
Solaris makes use of assets donated by a multitude of artists and contributors over the years, as well as utilising in-engine features from the Source Code Project.

Solaris is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
This means that you can use anything you want from Solaris (models, missions, backgrounds) in any way you wish, as long as you don't try to sell it.

Dilmah G:
Congrats on your release, Darius! This is a certified 10/10 time, and even I, a total Solaris scrub who took three full months to finish the OG version, managed to finish this in less than a calendar year. There's more tasty gameplay, an engrossing story, and most importantly for my fellow scrubs - a liberal use of checkpoints! Full spoiler-tagged review to come soon.

Colonol Dekker:
Mega, loved the first, the second will no doubt improve on it. 

Poverty, covid, dictatorships, xenophoby, wars, environmental crisis and BioWare game releases will not end today.

But this is still gonna be a great day! Everybody! Think about it for a while: Solaris 2 is released! Despite all of the **** happening around, I assure you that this day will be great one :].

Congrats on release! Just started another run-through of the 1st campaign to see the changes! However I found a bug...the support drone refuses to undock with either me or AI pilots after completing rearm/repair. Just discovered this in the 1st few missions


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