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RELEASE: Solaris - Black Sun (A FreeSpace Open Total Conversion)

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Wow, I just finished act 2 and I very much enjoyed it! The story was very "Expanse like" if you ask me, much to my approval! I'm looking forward to whatever the future holds for Solaris!

Well hello there!

Came back to a bunch of new content, downloaded this one with Knossos and tried to run the first campaign but I'm getting constant crashes with "Failed to wait until uniform range is available! Get a coder."
I'm guessing I borked something in the install, anyone has a clue what can I do?

Here's the log:

nvm, fixed it.

Updating my vga drivers... never thought I'd have to do that again. Good 'ol cranky fso I missed your mood swings :p

Story feedback:

At least Ross is a bit less pissy and seems to understand he blew it with Raptor. I still don't understand how a military officer can go "half pay" and galivant around as a Merc, but it's a nice change of pace.

Speaking of the Merc team, I always enjoy "the little guy/free company" stories set against a larger war. It helps with both the missions and story to feel like you're punching above your weight class. I hope this 3 ship team sticks around for future installments.

The happy, helpful religious band were pretty refreshing as a sci-fi tend tends to view "faith in space" as obsolete or dangerous, rather than just another part of human nature. Seeking Eden/Shambala in space is genuinely sweet, and I hope they do well out there better than the GEFs.

The Combine running another proxy war was interesting and again draws in more parallels to the real life Cold War. It's a nice sense of the fringe along with the Corporate Mercs and Traders out in uncivilized sectors of space.

With the exception of scary gravity super weapons, I hope aliens stay out of the setting. You've got a good vibe going and it reminds me a lot Titanfall, IN SPACE, which is great since that series rules.

We'll likely head back to the larger war at some point, but enjoy smaller stakes stories, and hope the big battles stay balanced with the quiet story ones.

Oh, I had no idea that part 2 was out until now! I'll definitely play this soon!

I've just completed my playthrough of Black Sun and wow, I can't wait to play what's coming next in this TC. Any sneak peeks on what the next Solaris campaign will be about?


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