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Col. Fishguts:
*cough cough* Goober's compensating for something *cough*

What, my lack of projects?  I'm working on SCP, TVWP, FSPort, SA (sort of), and my own independent campaign.  I've got enough work on my hands, thank-you-very-much. :p

Actually, I think Goober is making sure that FS2 modding stays on top of its game!

In regards to campaign one, as soon as everyone's finished with their assigned missions, a few of them need to be assigned to the other missions.  I finished my mission a little while ago, so I'm free.

As anyone can see, I have a FREDing itch that needs to be scratched, and my own plans have no sense of direction.

I'm just going to assume I'm done with Campaign 3 Mission 2, since nobody's said otherwise, and start on Campaign 3 Mission 9.


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