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PCS2 memory issuse on large maps

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I got up to 2GB virtual, ~1.5GB resident, with 8 4k*4k plain white diffuse, glow and shine maps. It seemed fine to me (running a Linux build) apart from taking longer to load.

Well physical without the maps drops from 1.3gig down to about 1.17 with just the model.  With the textures it drops down to about 300meg then shoots back up to 700 where it remains but is very slow and the hour glass is there almost constantly.  I can easily run other apps though it's just PCS2 that keeps going no responsive (yes it will even flash that from time to time).  Confirmed that there are 16 4096, 4 2048,  7 1024 maps and one eff which of course isn't loaded as it can't be found. 

Also noticed that with the maps not able to be found I can open multiple huge ships very quickly.  One of those ships only has 3 1024 and 3 512 maps. 

Haven't had a chance to try a smaller model with 4096 maps yet.  Still I'm finding working with the maps turned off a huge performance boost.  Having the ability would make a great feature. 

redonkulus huge maps = redonkulus huge memory usage

yeah, (16*4096*4096 + 4*2048*2048 +  7*1024*1024)*4 == 1170210816 == 1.17GB, now texture compression, cuts that by 1/4th (550MB), which would probably put it into the workable category, but that's still a lot of memory and there is nothing you can do about that.

"300meg then shoots back up to 700 where it remains but is very slow" that is the OS switching to virtual memory and swapping it off of the hard drive. your textures are too big, compress them.

Thing is it doesn't appear to be memory (video or system) related.  I can leave the model open in PCS2 and fire up max and load the same textures no problem.  I can even go into FS2 tech room and no problems.  Haven't tried all 3 yet.  It's like there is some kind of loop going on within PCS2 that takes so long to complete that you barely have time for system input before it starts again.  

BTW I'm on my old system right now and same issue here but I would expect that as this one is a lot older.  I set the location of the directory to x: instead of c: in PCS2 as a workaround.  Its amazing how fast PCS2 is without loading them.  Even the few big TBP models are 10x faster and they were fast to begin with.  Wish I would have found this trick earlier.  


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