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Bounding Box error in PCS2.1 Alpha

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You can also get around it by making any LOD contain the whole model.  Quite a few older models only worked because detail1, 2, or 3's bounding box was big enough for the model to fit.  There is a problem with this method as well.  The target box is determined by the detail0 bounding box so the entire ship does not fit in the box.

Another method that was used some time ago was setting the center of all objects to 0,0,0 then moving them back to the actual coordinates in PCS2.  This actually gave them proper collision detection even if they were outside the bounding box.  Drawbacks to this method were inverted bounding boxes if the same piece was on both sides of the model.  Symmetrical left and right turrets for instance. 

So there have been a lot of workarounds over the years.  Even :v: used the invisible box method.  So being able to specify a bounding box would be almost a dream feature.

Well, the bounding box is just a bunch of numbers stored in the POF file right?
It's not like it's calculated by the game.

I've hacked the Radius of models in a hex editor and allowing that to be changed in PCS2 as well would be nice.

but PCS2 is supposed to be a model editor, you can move models around and supposedly at some point in the future you'll be able to edit the geometry, for this reason PCS2 MUST rebuild all the bounding box and radius data on the fly.

Yup, it edits the native PMF format, it only exports to POF from that.  It doesn't live edit a POF file.  But having a small toolset of POF editing options built in could be useful.


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