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Bounding Box error in PCS2.1 Alpha

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Well it would have to calculate it using uvec/fvec just as the game does as turrets do not necessarily have their rotation on the x,y, or z axis. 

Why not have an ability in PCS2 to define the bounding box or autogenerate it like it does with paths and MOI? You would just need to input two fields for the coordinates of the lower right point and the upper right point on opposite corners of the box.

I too am noticing this when trying to get the turanic ion frigate to extend its wings.

PCS2 should already be setting the bounding box for detail0 to fit all subobjects ...

It never has as long as I've used it. 

It doesn't but it really ought to...* Droid803 points to errors cropping up in FSU models
"Hacking" it with phantom polies doesn't sound like a real solution.


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