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Orum'Pur - first campaign

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Hello world!

Time to be part of this community. I mean, really do something. So here it is my almost first attempt on FREDding a mission from zero to end. I think it's polished enough to release it so tell me what. I'd like to make a mini campaign but if my skills weren't  good enough this would lead me nowhere. So please test it and be rude  :ick:

Also I tried my best to make it a coherent story and I can't think of any more way to screw this mission up so I think it's a pretty solid screenplay. But maybe I'm wrong.

You need nothing besides fsport3.5 and a good joystick. And PBR assets of course  :yes:

Will I get feedbacks? wait and see...

EDIT : last minute update with nebula and shields system  for Horus

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--- Quote from: Jackho on October 08, 2016, 02:41:43 pm ---I can't think of any more way to screw this mission up
--- End quote ---

So it's a challenge then is it? :p

Yeah ! yeah ! Much money involved !  :lol:

More seriously, as a matter of fact this was more or less like a proposal to help me see what is wrong with the design of this mission.
My goal is clearly to improve. And I think people might  not last long before coming up with something I forgot, although I hope not (of course). Did you give it a try?

Right now I'm struggling with collision detection in the next mission I'm creating.

I've downloaded it. I'll try to give it a play later today.

Second mission is in progress now. FREDding is hard as hell but also so much rewarding!
This one is a training mission, I hope people will like it as I'm putting much love in it.
Fortunately, In case I make an error or I don't understand why things don't go the wayI think they should, event.log is here  to help me, thank God  (isn't it a bit of  praise and boasting  for you Karajorma :drevil: ! )


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