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Trivial Psychic:
This is not associated with the FS Port, though I plan on using the Port platform to base this on.  I plan on going though the Freespace campaign and doing a few changes, but I was hoping for some feedback and opinions first.  I know others have proposed doing this before, but I plan on doing it.  I am currently playing through the Port, getting ideas as I go, so I may add more to this list, and the first post will be updated with the list of changes. Most consist of simply adding bonus objectives, many of which have been proposed before *cough*Plato*cough*.

For any mission that involves adding more cruisers to broaden the engagement, I have decided that several ships in the game context will be assigned to specific destroyers as part of their fleet.  I haven't decided if all of these ships will make appearances, but I put together the list as a point of reference.  I have also made preliminary plans to support Betrayal's suggestion of additional warship types.

GTD Galatea Fleet:
GTD Nimitz - Henderson
GTC Orff – Fenris
GTC Fortune – Fenris
GTC Neptune – Leviathan
GTCv Tychon – Morana

GTD Bastion Fleet:
GTD Rommel - Henderson
GTC Ravage – Fenris
GTC Oberon – Fenris
GTC Rampart – Leviathan
GTCv Tibertus – Morana

GTD Krios Fleet
GTD Patton - Henderson
GTC Metis - Leviathan
GTC Eurybia - Leviathan
GTC Adamant - Fenris
GTC Hecaterus - Fenris
GTCv Thalassa - Morana

PVD Pinnacle Fleet:
PVD Duamutef - Atum
PVC Taurus – Aten (I know, it was lost early on)
PVC Wosyet – Aten
PVC Hemen – Seker (Aten Mk2)
PVD Pakhet - Seker

PVD Hope Fleet:
PVD Imsety - Atum
PVC Mecross – Aten
PVC Pvemkin – Aten
PVC Khepri – Seker (Aten Mk2)
PVC Hemsut - Seker

M1-01 – Eve of Destruction
-I've decided to simply swap out for the more intensive demo version of this mission.

M1-02 - Field of Battle
-Added additional audio messages from VPs not used in standard mission.
-Added Aten class and freighter acting as C&C for fighter wing, & Debrief.

M1-03 - Small Deadly Space
-Added freighters arriving to dock with cargo.
-Added orders to scan Omega 1
-Added Zeta wing that arrives with Orff acting as your relief.

M01-04 - Avenging Angels
-Added active turrets for Omega and Rasputin, as well as orders to disarm the Omega and delay arrival of Comet and Intelligence until disarmed
-Separated out the transport from Intelligence wing.  Freighter is now GTT Cryos (transport used in Silent Threat) and the fighter wing escorting (now 2 Valks) is Tyr wing.
-Changed Rasputin's evasive path so it will go towards a pair of Vasudan cruisers (one Aten and one Seker) that jump in to pick up Rasputin.  Command deploys a Morana and a Leviathan to engage them.  Mission debrief has additional data.

M1-05 – Out of Dark, Into The Night
-Add bonus objective for destruction of Shivan Bomber
-Add departure orders for Plato if it survives to the node.
-Add departure message for Plato (Same as escape pod)
-Add Bonus objective for Plato survival
-Add mega bonus objective if all Shivan fighters from Plato Attack are destroyed AND Plato survives.
-Adjust debrief
-Add mission chatter for beginning
-Add Shaitan wing to quickly destroy Taurus.

M1-06 – Paving the Way
-Add Bonus if one Shivan bomber is destroyed and mission success
-Add Bonus if both Shaitans are destroyed

M1-07 – Pandora’s Box

-Add Bonus if rest of Alpha wing survive the mission (Debrief added)
-Add Bonus if remaining cargo is destroyed once scanned (Debrief added)
-Add random self-destruct sequence for cargo using one argument-based event, and removal of separate events.
-Add Bonus objective if first wave of Scorpions are destroyed.  Added longer interval between waves.

==Insert Chapter 1 Loop, 3x Missions==
Chapter 1 Loop:  Aboard GTI Krios in Ikeya system
M1-loop-01 - The Door
Flying Modified Angel class with 2nd seat for Electronic Warfare Officer.  Player discovers new jumpnode the Shivans are arriving through in Ikeya, as well as identifies new ship classes.

M1-loop-02 - Clouded Vision
Still piloting Angel class, player recons and scans enemy ships within atmosphere of gas giant, and makes an unsettling discovery

M1-loop-03 - Heist Under Fire
Terran fleet attempts to intercept Shivan fleet before it leaves Ikeya for Ribos.  At the same time, player supports cargo recovery from a depot near the node while the Shivans are occupied.  Cargo in question includes Shivan shield units which are later modified for Terran use and are escorted in M1-08.

M1-08 – The Hammer and the Anvil
-Add docking orders for Andromeda and Omega wing to dock with station (current is to depart)
-Add Bonus objective if all 4 of these ships make it (Debrief added)

M1-09 – The Darkness and the Light
-Add Mega Bonus if all 4 freighters are destroyed.

M1-10 – First Strike
-Add objective to destroy Taranis Coms to prevent reinforcements
-Add either transports or multiple strike wings jump in when Taranis is near jump node, and Comms not destroyed.  The arrival of one or the other is dictated by Is-Previous, as indicated in briefing if Taranis is resupplying (transports) or mounting an offensive (strike wings).  If transports dock, Taranis is at full heath and all turrets repaired, and can escape.  If strike wings arrive, they are Ace pilots and provide extra cover for the Taranis until it escapes.

M2-01 – Aftermath
-Add secondary objective for all Iota transports to survive (currently only one has to survive for primary)
-Add Bonus objective if all transports survive
-Add mega bonus if GTFr Nelson survives
-Add jumpnode as convoy's ultimate destination
-Added 2 HoL cruisers + escort arriving before Pinnacle does, posing as ships from the Pinnacle's support fleet.

M2-02 – The Big Bang
-Disable Asimov
-Bring in 2 Elysiums to repair the science cruiser’s engines after the battle is over.  Asimov withdraws when repaired.
-Add more Shivans
-Add escape pods if both recover transports are destroyed before docking, and if engine repair is foiled as well.

M2-03 - La Ruota della Fortuna
-Changed it so HoL cruiser is still intact when mission begins, but is destroyed almost immediately
-Added 2 Shivan cruisers attacking HoL
-Added Shivan bomber waves attacking Galatea
-Added HoL cargo to destroy after mission, as well as 2 Terran units among them for plot intrigue and capture.

M02-04 – Where Eagles Dare
-Delay end of mission until after Kappa wing freighters have departed with their cargo.
-Add orders to escort Kappa
-Add enemy wings to harass Kappa
-Added another freighter wing along with Kappa
-Add orders for Kappa wing transports to depart when they have captured their cargo unit.
-Added terran cargo among HoL cargo for further plot intrigue and capture.
-Added Terran pirates departing as mission opens, for further plot intrigue.

Chapter 2 Loop======

Flying from PVD Duamutef in Antares, infiltrating and disrupting HoL activities.  Terran cargo and Terran pirates involve GTI with Vasudan directorate to figure out what's going on.

Loop2-M01 - Intercept, capture and impersonate HoL ships to reach an HoL meeting.
Loop2-M02 - Continued from M01.  Scan HoL ships at meeting, as well as Pirate ships delivering cargo

M02-08 - Playing Judas
-Add more cargo so freighters are full when departing
-Have Alpha 1 scan Lucifer subsystems, including reactors.
-Have Manticore wing re-spawn
-Adjust position of sentries so they don't get caught by Lucifer arrival.

M02-09 - Evangelist
-Have more cruisers involved in the engagement for both sides, since Eva is supposed to be leading a fleet.

M02-10 - Doomsday
-Expand the number of forces attacking the Galatea from the get-go, since the Red-Alert briefing indicates that she looks sure to be lost, but aside from being disabled, its hull is actually pretty good when you get there.

Chapter 3 Loop:  Aboard GTD Soyokaze?
Player flies captured Shivan craft in attempt to destroy Lucifer

That's all for the moment.  I'll hopefully add more as I progress through the campaign.

Woolie Wool:
I would suggest adding Fury AI to the campaign (to every campaign, really, it makes the game so much better), and altering the SSLBeam to look like an LRed.

I'm going off what I've heard from others here:

I've heard it said that the in game tech reports misrepresent the Prometheus vs. the Avenger cannon.  They said in actuality that the Avenger gives higher damage despite the description on the weapon select screen.

I'm not saying the Prom. should be better in EVERY respect than the Avenger, but perhaps the Prom should get a buff.

Woolie Wool:
I would suggest that the Avenger get its shield damage cut in half or thereabouts, because the fluff says it's supposed to be of only marginal effectiveness against shields.

Trivial Psychic:
Changing weapon values and Fury AI could negatively affect balance, and potentially add significant workload to compensate.  That said, I may give it a try.


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