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Warmachine is a mod inspired by and building upon Blue Planet. It's not a new project, having jumped from hard drive to hard drive since the days of Inferno builds. Some people around here have seen bits of it now and again since that time, but it's never really been ready for a public release in that time. I'm making a push to get a working portion of it out soon.

The ideal version of Warmachine is a project with much broader ambition, but what's coming soon is primarily confined to a rework of the Age of Aquarius missions with all new weapons, with a handful of exceptions on capital ship loadouts. Shivan fighters and bombers have been made much more dangerous, the player has been given very fun tools to deal with that danger, and battles in general fill space with colorful, visible fire. While the project is inspired by BP, the story of the technology and world, though only visible in small part in what's being worked on presently, can diverge dramatically from that canon.

A common question that comes up about the mod is if the War in Heaven missions are included. That's not within the immediate scope, redesigning those missions to be playable with the new GTVA arsenal would itself be a huge task, and currently having the UEF tables loaded at the same time as the new Warmachine weapons is technically infeasible due to FSO weapon type limits.

I cut together the above trailer and have been doing a lot of work updating and polishing the mod for modern FSO, but the vision and core work of the mod belongs to my close friend Talhydras. He's not currently active in this community and most likely I'll continue to take point on the public side of things, but he's been in the loop for every step of my effort to polish and publish.

General Battuta:

Looks excessive, therefore I love it.

this sparks my curiosity :)

A little update on progress: Talhydras has ended up working on the project some more and is polishing up some stuff that was out of what I was willing to touch or I had forgotten was even planned. We're still progressing towards getting a tester version ready. If you want to test once it's ready, post or PM me.

One thing I'd like feedback on is weapon information. I've always found it frustrating to come to grips with the arsenal in freespace and dramatic mods doubly so. With multi-lock missiles there's even more info to convey, and there's just not enough room in the loadout screen text box. To that end I'm working on ways to present more information. Eventually, the plan is to do a visual design pass and put this information into the game in loadout screens, but until I've got format locked down and the testing is done I'm not going to go through that. Until then I've got preliminary layouts for them, and I'd love any feedback on if the information in these is useful and/or well presented, and if there's anything missing.

Two primaries:

Two missiles:


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