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Ancient-Shivan War Issues

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Started up Ancient-Shivan War today. On startup, it generates 14 warnings. When restarting Act I mission three (Roadblock), it crashes when going to ship selection again, even after restart of the game. Weapons selection does work. Ship selection did work however, when playing the mission for the first time. Does no let me reproduce said issue in "Fast Debug". Since I like to play on Insane, it would nice to be able to change the loadout  :)

After crashing: attachment 1

When trying to run debug: attachment 2 (does not run the game)


Any ideas? Is the mod broken on current builds? Or am I doing something wrong?

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

The error source appears to be in the MediaVPs dependency.

Anyone with knowledge around if the 3.6.12 dependency is correct? - ASW is older so that is an older version of the MVPs fits, but I can't tell if 3.6.12 is the correct one.

Okay - found the problem:
The issue is that the ASW overrides the sounds.tbl in the MVPs 3.6.12 with its own. This breaks the referrences for the sounds assoicated with the rotation of multipart turrets.

Give me a moment to put together a potential fix.

Table in the attachment at least does away with the error message of the OP. Booting up a mission also seems unaffected by the OP error now (but the Debug Build shows a bunch of other errors - which really don't affect you as player; the modpack just seems to be a bit messy)

It goes into a data/tables director, you will have to create yourself inside the ASW mod's folder.

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

Thank you for the fix. I put it in the mod folder as instructed. Did manage to complete the mission with my chosen loadout and the rest of the mod on insane. however. I was slightly surprised that it wasn't more difficult, some missions took 10+ attempts, but it was quite beatable.


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