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FRED, Knossos and filepaths


It’s been a while (many years) since I messed around with FSO so I was pretty impressed with Knossos. When I tried to do some mission development, I was able to figure out starting a mod and launching FRED from Knossos but once I have a mission saved I’m unable to play test it. FSO launches the FS2 package (not sure that’s the right term) but the mission doesn’t appear in the tech database as I remember it did way back. What am I missing? I suspect there’s an issue with where the game installs are?

I’m guessing this is covered somewhere but my forum searches aren’t getting me the answer. Thanks in advance

Good question. You need to save the mission in the same folder structure where the mod files are for Knossos. So my first question, is are you making this mission for Retail, MediVPs or another mod?

Also if you are not aware we have a Discord, too! Help can sometimes come faster that way :)

I could switch over to Discord if that’s better, thanks for the heads up.

I do want this to take advantage of the MediaVPs which I have installed but when I set up the mod it’s unclear if I have that option. I created my new mod directory within the FSO root directory, but not one of the specific game frameworks like the directory for retail FS2. Is the underlying issue that I need to save the mod within the Retail or other mod directory? As in, if I want to use the MediaVPs I need to create a new mod directory under that directory? Sorry if this should be more obvious, I’ve only ever dabbled in development so maybe I’m unfamiliar with some of the basic workings. Thanks for your help.

No worries. So if you are just planning on using this mission for the mediaVPs or retail then you can save the mission in this folder:


FS2 is the folder where the game files are for Knossos to read. By default the location of this FS2 folder is C/FreespaceOpen/FS2, but you might have changed that when you setup Knossos. If you'd like some further help feel free to PM me on Discord and I can do an image walkthrough!


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