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Hey ho, it's good to be back in the modding seat. After 2 years of hiatus (caused by real life, massive modding burnout and countless hours of wrestling with the game to make carpet bombing a thing) I've decided to start things off with yet another mini-campaign, before I get back to work on A Cold Day in Hell.

Shadow of the Colossus takes place some time after the events of Freespace 2, though it's only loosely trying to be canon, as many things in this campaign are... let's say, "creatively fabricated" for the sake of making logical sense. J-just watch the pretty explosions, don't pay attention to the questionable plot please!

With that warning out of the way:

During a time of peace and stagnation, conflict is sure to arise quickly and brutally. A group of former NTF Officers and pilots, now known as the "Neo-Terran Remnant" have broken into a GTVI Blacksite and retrieved stolen plans for some kind of superweapon. But due to the economic impacts following the loss of Capella, the forced downsizing of the GTVA Fleet Command has lead to a rather chaotic system where nothing gets done due to never ending bickering between various parties.

Meanwhile, during a regular pirate hideout raid, your squadron, the 28th Bloodhounds, stumble upon a strange relay beacon coded for an NTR Frequency. The message transmitted on it is brief but haunting.

"Hades has awoken again."

Yet another quick n easy 7 mission campaign. Not placing a release deadline this time because I want to avoid pulling triple allnighters like last time.

Oh hey. Welcome back.

Sounds promising, will play~ :D

Welcome back, I'll be following this.  :)

Stryggie, mah boi! You're alive :]

Pics! Gimme pics!


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