In an all out war (WITHOUT the Flood), who do you think would win?  If you think two factions would join forces, feel free to select them.


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Which means that Shivans win in that particular battle, which ultimately leads to the conclusion that Shivans would win in the debate.

Welcome to the land of insane troll logic. If you make assertive statements like that, back them up with arguments.

However, what if FS got as successful as Halo? Wouldn't they have books and all? Books, in which some could be written by some die-hard FS fan and create a story which revealed the motives of the Shivans, and that they had 500 thousand million gazillion ships actually? You were right about the engine thing, but definitely not the popularity factor.

What the **** does the relative popularity of the franchises have to do with anything? For the very very last time, if you want to debate universe vs universe, stick to the ****ing canon. Do not introduce speculation.

In conclusion, I have decided to close this thread, as Marcov seems unable to debate these things correctly.
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