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ST:R Cutscenes Released
Now that ST:R has been released, I can show off the cutscenes here. These are some of my best FS work. The techniques I learned here will help make the rest of the Cutscene Upgrade Project even better.

ST:R Intro
Originally designed by Galemp, I was asked to finish rendering the scene for him because his computer was going to take something on the order of 10 months. After reviewing the scene and trying to increase the quality, I chose to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. The Vasudan skeletons are Galemp's model, but everything else was redone. One of the more difficult aspects was creating a sand/dirt tile texture that looked great closeup, but also  looked workable far out. I didn't want it to look too much like a tile. It still does at a certain point, but the compromise worked out in the end, I think.

ST:R Endgame
This is based loosely off of a concept animation that Vasudan Admiral sent me. I had to create new techniques for damage lightning, atmospheric burn (of which I think could still be better... but what are ya gonna do?), hull damage per turret blast, etc. Vasudan Admiral was key in getting models and textures for the Hades in various states of it's destruction. The space scenery during the monologue also proved to be quite a challenge, but I think it turned out great in the end. Dan Wentz wrote a custom music track just for this scene and it works brilliantly.
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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Bravo! So cool to hear you got a new piece from the original composer.


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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
This is just jaw-dropping work. :yes: Really awesome that Dan Wentz was able to contribute too.

(wooo accretion disk!)
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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Nice to see these public at long last. :)  Excellent work on the finished cutscenes!

Some forum members were particularly attentive and managed to spot Dan Wentz's tracks on SoundCloud.  Now you know what they were for. :D
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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Yes.  :yes:


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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Watching the endgame cinematic back to back with the FS2 intro gives me chills. Good work mjn et al.
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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Anything I say would probably take away from what's being presented here.  Well done, sir.

Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Great cutscenes :nod:

Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
I'm gonna join the choir and say that these cutscenes are amazing.


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Re: ST:R Cutscenes Released
Wow! Far out those were brilliant. Well done man! :D
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