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Freelancer - MP Mods (discover new worlds)
Hello dear Freelancer,

today i created this thread. It will sum up all mentionable FL mods i could find in the internet. Like already mentioned in other threads: Freelancer isn't dead! It has surviving online communities even nowadays. This shows how good the game CAN be. Sure the basic Freelancer isn't compareable to that stuff. It had a nice storymode - and plot - but the singleplayer open world mode missed specific elements - elements that they game has - but they wheren't even ever used or finished by it's origin creators.

Some tough people created developer tools and got some from the original development. During the past 15 years the Freelancer Mods that where published became more and more complex. Some made a total conversion out of FL - others focussed on keeping the Vanilla Spirit alive.

This thread focusses on Multi Player Mods! For Single-Player Mods there will be another thread later.

Moment, wait - Freelancer Multiplayer? That was a thing?


But what you could do way back than / nowadays? What keeps people online on their servers?

It is the diversity of possibilities - for mod-creators - and players!

Well you can do the same things you may do on other MMORPG's nowadays, here a list of possible player actions:

Some things Freelancer can do
- Unique PvP - a great Player versus Player system in real 3D . not only four moving diractions but although the way up and down (360 degrees to all sites)
- Discovering / exploring galactic empires
- interacting with factions in the universe
- being factions / become faction member (clans/allies...)
- flying hundreds of different typed ships and ship models
- fighting in space with small fighters up to capital ships (freighter, fighter, bomber, gunboats, cruiser, destroyer, battleships, capital civilian ships)
- defending (bases - urself) - repair turrets are part of many servers
- trading
- mining (mining turrets are available on most servers)
- raiding
- taxing
- pirating
- diplomacy
- earning money by trading or doing missions for factions (search for missions on bases bars)
- customizing own caracters (name, faction, interacting)
- customizing own ships (models, engines, lights, weapons, equipment...)
- a wide broad-band of weapons, equipment & commodities player can choose from to form their personal desired weaponsystems and ship loadouts
- missions against NPCs
- co-op missions against NPCs
- player / factions bases - some servers offer players or clans to buy and operating from bases / battleships
- docking on bases, habitated asteroids,  planets or capital ships
- having fun

Much more is imaginable. The possibilities are endless - in an endless universe! You just need to experience the common Multiplayer Mods. It is a great game!

These are the existent and most active online communities i could find for Freelancer:

- Freelancer Universe 24/7 - visit official mod page (Vanilla related PvP/RP server)

- Freelancer Discovery - visit official mod page (Roleplay server / Player versus player server) - not the Vanilla PvP system

- Freelancer Rebirth - visit official mod page (Russian developers - Open World - PvP/RP server)

- Freelancer Crossfire - visit official mod page (PvP/RP server)

- Freelancer Hamburg City - visit official mod page (German developers but english forum support available - Vanilla PvP / RP Server) with extended (web)features

There are allot more servers online. But most of them have not mentionable player counts. When there is anyone who knows other mods or seeing his own MP Mod not listed - you are free to contact me in order to add your multiplayer community onto this list. This list is based on research i've done using this serverlist.

In this thread i will try to give install instructions for specific mods in the future. For now the links to their webpages should be enough. They have support for new freelancers and help people to get into the game. Installing the mods is not hard to do. Most just need to be copied and pasted into your game directories - some mods have own installers and setup executables in the package - and their is a huge mod content available for the Freelancer Mod Manager. The Freelancer Mod Manager is an app that allows you to automatically activate/deactivate/install mods - so you can switch between mods without the need to switch or change game folders manually anytime you switch. Freelancer Mod Manager can be downloaded as freeware - just google it in the internet. I recommend using v1.3.1 - cause most of the existent modfiles for FLMM are designed for that version number. I'm using this version for myself.

I will create a Modlist for FLMM v1.3.1 in this forum later. But this is more single-player related content - cause most multiplayer mods have own installers or other ways to install. General rule: Always make a copy from your original Freelancer folder before you start messing around with mods. I have a full game folder for each common mod im using.
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