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Okay - due to "right" conflicts the links to the download version of Freelancer got removed by superior administration. Don't worry - i have a plan B. But this Plan B lasts even longer.

Why does it last longer now?

Because i do a total conversion - but my work will still be "vanilla" oriented. I really don't understand the laws from time to time - there is a thing that can be downloaded "legally" but it isn't allowed to point to it by sharing links. Okay understood. I won't do it again.

What i do (i would do it anyways on a long time perspective) - is i "rewrite" 99% of the game content. But i leave out the bugs/spelling mistakes and obsolete code. When there is obsolete code that can be used as additional ingame content i will rewrite those files, too. But they won't be the same files anymore. I put them in another order. I put the inner content of plain text and code from chaos to sorted. This way i can more easy mod and host my version. Freelancer - Memories was planned as an extension for the original game. Now it's gonna become an independent indie-conversion of the original. By extending the ingame content and enlarging player's possibilities and space their will be a new universe in the end.

It will be 100-300 years after the original story was placed in. What will be new?

- an open Alaska system
- an open "complete rewrote" Tohoku system
- new npc's
- better vanilla npc's
- bugfixed bases
- new docking system
- ... - and everything listed in this "Mod"-Version-Log

I'm although working on a "new" FL Hook version with an extended Anti-Cheat. Freelancer is more than 15 years old. Hackers had enough time to find some ways changing some ingame physics or other things making it an advantage to play for them. I only will go online with the server when the new FL-Hook is finished. Therefore i got a partner who is a professional software designer. Together we will analyze all existing FL Hook versions - FL Admin controls and FL Shell - combining and forming them into an upgraded server administration tool that offers MANY useful additional functions and ingame commands for players. This will get it's own topic when time comes. Actually i'm still extending and rewriting all the existing ingame content in order to make my stuff a playable game that will be a charm to enjoy - actually i'm working on a functioning version that could go online any moment - but i won't release any of it before I - myself are sure that it's a gem! For this reason i evaluate and reinvent EACH pixel - each codeline - in order to make it a better game.

People who know me know that i'am releasing always on two certain times during the year: 1. around christmas / new year - 2. around april (eastern).

So you can expect the first "full version" of my total conversion on christmas. I can't promise that christmas the online-gameserver will be released - but i will offer a "single-player" version - where people are able to discover content from the Multi-Player version.

A single-player campaign won't be released. The original "Single-Player"-campaign for Freelancer was awesome. But i plan to establish a 24/7 PvP/RPG Server for Freelancer. So when there will be any previous releases by side - they will be for single-player open world free gaming or multiplayer (LAN / Internet gaming).

Freelancer - Memories won't need any original files / disks or other content anymore. I will release my thing as "free fullversion" - as long as im not stopped by any "right" problems. I would like to support the origin developers and possibly current right owners with my work - i'm no concurrence - neither i want to go against anyone. I just like to improve/reinvention classical retro games - that's all.
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Good luck with that~ :)


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What other support would assist you?  We've got a diverse and wide pool of talent here, do you need voice actors, 3d modellers?
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All assistance i can get. Cause im no graphic designer don't expect new textures from my side. When i get a usable *.3db / *.cmp i'm happy. Depends on who takes part with what kind of effort & skills.

Edit: In general i work alone. I have some real life buddies helping me a bit but they do only certain parts or deeper CC+ stuff. A 3D Modeler - or other modders who own a bunch of unused compatible FL files would be very helpful.
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It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein