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MC2X facts and bugs (old)
This message is a copy of old post from 14.02.20 that was on nogutsnogalaxy. Forum is dead now, but I've managed to save the information. It also can probably not actual anymore in case build was updated to R46 version of MC2X core and, as mentioned, several bugs were fixed at point of 16.08.20. I was not able to save attached images. So post not contain them. It's also, as I remember, not the last version of the topic (i.e. other messages wasn't saved) in case I've managed to proceed further and stuck near penultimate mission.

This topic is about mostly for now. Just started to play yestarday last version of it. At the moment I'm writing this post it's R40 version. In case of Wolfman rarely read the e-mails / check the forums this days I've decide to put all things I've found into this topic. As I can say, not played much, Omnitech has zero of such kind problems compare too... Still. In case of interface I personally prefer MC2X version more.


1. Completing any mission give you zero c-bills. You have a lot of from the start and can spend at how you want to.
+ 2. You can convert some c-bills into points to use support in the missions.
+ 3. In general it has been expanded compare to the original game. You can call some tanks and infantry, for example.
- 4. Game has no videos in it. Paid codecs or something like that problem. But has sound from it. Problem still not solved. So. If you care about - better to stick to regular version.
+ (if you play on regular) 5. Seems to modded version became harder then original was. On veteran difficult it's kinda impossible to beat ever intro mission +/-. On the regular difficult it came hard sometimes. I used to not call a repairman so often.
(?) 6. I don’t remember whether the repairman ran out of stock quickly before... or it's was MC1 specific thing. But it seems that in this version the supply of the repair resource now is very substantial.
7. Some captured equipment will follow you all over the map. Fuel trucks in this regard can be dangerous - enemy mechs can attack them.
(?) 8. Now you can grab some vehicles after the mission. In case there were no pilots in the them during the mission. For example heavy helicopters that destroyed before they has been activated. Example - last mission for Stainer. Bandit HQ and etc. Check Grab_the_tech.png. But not use them later...
+ 9. When taking mech from the field now you can take choose which pilot you want to put in there. Now it's not just random choise first from the list.
+ 10. Game now have quick save/load option during the missions that can be accessed from main menu also.
- 11. Music during the game, in lobby and several missions, was changed, or cut (?). For example you can check last mission for Stainer for it. As result atmoshere lost in some cases.

Bugs. Stainer campaign:

(?) 1. Regular "test" mission, in classic game, start without lobby access. Here you have one. Was it planned by author in such way or not I don't know. Anyhow. In mechbay you have a long list of weapons, including clan and custom onces that you can use for your Bushwackers and Razorbacks. Later (after completing the intro mission) all this stuff will be not available during the game. At least in first few missions that I've completed at the moment. But you can still use the clan weapons or other stuff you have added to mechs before intro one. If you will try to delete it - game will tell that you will not able to add it again in case this weapon not unlocked yet. Probably it's was a test for future packs / additional mission that Wolfman has created. In any case, this sounds logical. And it seems the test has not been removed.

(?) 1.1. Also. Originally MC1/MC2 not split weapons and ammo. Before intro mission you can see that Wolfman have planned to split it or something... Like it works in Mechwarrior series/Battletech. I've added some ammo for medium LBX and clan LRM. When I run the intro mission game tells that mech have some ammo for weapon that not used... But there is no such weapon... Somekind glitch with clan LRM seems to?

(?) 1.2. If mech will lost specific clan/custom weapon (to test you can try to play on veteran difficult) - game can possibly crash.
(?) 1.3. Same thing by some reason can happens if you take enemy Urbanmech from intro misson and another enemy mech will destroy some of his weapons. "weapon explosion error" game says or something like that and crash.

2. Mission, where you need to protect the base. Garrison. Several enemy units stuck on top of the map and will not move and attack you until you will attack them. Few of them also will back to their default positions if you will run away from they. I remember that such kind of a bug probaly was in old pirate version of the game or something... Anyhow. There are at least 3 groups of enemies that have such glitches.

2.1. On northwest - helicopters and Starslayer mech. On northeast - 2 Catapults and 3 other mechs. Check the screens.

Catapult_glitch.png - that guy just stand there alone and not moving.
Helicopter_gltich.png - that last enemy helicopter stuck and the north corner of the map where mechs mostly can't move / fire him. After some torment I was able to bring him down from afar and finish the mission.

3. As you probably remember original MC2 has specific default camera angle. Some missions in MC2X starts with weird angle that's isn't fine to play. You have to reconfigure it regularly.

4. Can't extract, because that gltiched cargo track not moving to extraction point. Glitch_cargo_truck.png. Update. After circle around whole base, after all, it's moved to extraction point slowly... And stuck on chemical base. And after decide to go back to the original base. So. Destroyed truck by artillery. Also another truck decide back to the base... Destroyed it by the artillery another one. Still. Can't extract. Well. Then I put third artillery near my mechs and all cars and run off in last second - as result mission completed after all. But check this mess out (mess.png). So. don't take any cars in this mission.

#. Encyclopedia. It can crash. If you choose some things. For example, Lady Liao. A lot of new mechs added to that, by the way. But without a description.

Bugs. Lao campaign:

1. Drop on first mission - 1 mech stuck in the three and can't move. You need to destroy this three to go. (Can't move.png)
2. There is 4 additional mechs that must attack the prison. But I've only 3 here. Number four stuck and not moving anywhere. (Another enemy stuck.png)
3. Weird camera angle. Already told before. Check the screen. (Weird camera angle.png)
4. When I've started the moon mission music from lobby continue to play.
5. You can't buy Ravens or another sensor lock mechs in the shop.


Game stop running today mystreiosly... No any known methods helped. That's all I can tell for now, after ~ 10 of 24 missions were completed.
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