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Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
Project Shambala may be the UED Murugan (Its there on YouTube), which may have a Quantum Pulse Transmitter, CASSANDRA type of entity, Lots of firepower (Ken says that Laporte must have an Armada...). Or since Admiral Bei and Samuel Bei defected to the UEF and given details, it may even have an experimental beam weaponry and plasma cannons.

Or like some say, Fedayeen is destroyed (Credits part of Tenebra shows unknown type of bombers approaching the Masyaf) and the Fedayeen crew and Data with CASSANDRA is aboard the UED Murugan, which will crush the GTVA with the UED Solaris battlegroups.

Here is the YouTube Link:
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Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
I doubt Shambhala is something as...well, as basic as a fleet of vessels, whatever the class. Mainly because it would go against Ubuntu, but also because that was a pre-Narayana design. Maybe there is a Murugan somewhere, unrevealed yet, but I doubt it would be a trump card.

Also, those were Gorgon bombers, and they mount warheads that fire beamz. But I doubt the Masyaf has been destroyed.
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Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?

Forgot about that. It'll probably be as similar to the Murugan as the Vindicator is to a regular Custos, so I wasn't completely off course. Maybe.
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Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
Someone (Battuta?) has said that Shambhala will interact with the narrative diegesis in a novel way. That rules out a supership.

My theory is that it involves rewriting local physics and/or metaphysics somehow. I know that's a little bit out there, but think about what we know:
  • Shambhala requires a destroyer-scale hull, but not for weapons or other tactical systems. What else is present on a Murugan? A massive reactor, advanced computing systems, sensors, and jump drives, and a lot of armor plating. It's easy to imagine some or all of these being applied in such a system.
  • Subspace drives can do very weird things if not calibrated properly. Diving into a different metaphysics, or bringing one here, isn't that much more sci-fi than falling into the AoAverse.
  • The above might require, or be facilitated by, meson reactors. The GTVA canonically uses those quite extensively. 14BG's "expertise" is helpful for Shambhala, as are the Agincourt and Solace.
  • Transcend... happened, in some meaning of the word. At the very least, the team wrote a debrief for UT2 for the specific purpose of mentioning it. Said debrief mentions subspace manifolds as a vector for transendance (or at least Transcendance), explicitly talks about the Transcendant rewriting reality to fit his degrading psyche, and implies that someone in the 'verse is aware of him.
  • The UEF (or the Elders, at least) want to win without fighting. Rewriting reality such that "fighting" isn't a well-defined concept certainly fits.
  • Ken promises humanity "a form of survival". Surviving in an alternate metaphysics probably counts, though this might be irrelevant depending on Ken's attitude towards Shambhala.
  • Defining away the problem lets humanity win against both the Shivans and the Vishnans, which seems... narratively fitting, at least, but this is mostly a feeling.
  • The experimental Murugan is named after the ruler of Shambhala. I'm not sure what this means,  but it's worth investigating. Bringing the realm of Shambhala into existence seems like a fitting thing for its ruler to do.
  • Shambhala was created to solve a problem that "predates the war by decades" and, iirc involves jump nodes, but now is something much bigger. Repairing the damaged Sol node or banishing Shivans from Sol both fit. Both can be imagined as constructing subspace domains, as the Transcendant did.
  • Shambhala interacts with the diegesis, which rewriting metaphysics certainly would.

Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
NOTE: this message contains answers, read it with your own discretion! (highlight to read)
The answers were found in the BP Oracle thread and on Discord BP channel

After the helpful inputs from a few members of the community and enough reading the answers are here:

Shambhala is a project undertaken for node denial. It has the hull of the Murugan repurposed into a single powerful ship: the UEX Maitreya.

The ship is supposed to be massive and it is the Ace card that the UEF has, that will be used to shutdown the node and eventually preserve the UEF.
In the event of the destruction of the UEX Maitreya by the GTVA, the UEF would surrender and allow a "cultural victory" by the spread of Ubuntu ideology throughout GTVA's failing control over their citizens.

By using this, the UEF wins either way.

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Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
It makes sense given the holy grail of Shivan tech is subspace manipulation, even if they're subject to its same rules while using it.

Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?
Batuta has confirmed that Shambala is a ship that can be used to close and open subspacenodes. So your theory is an actual fact.

Re: [Spoilers] What is Shambhala?

ya might wanna spoiler that one mate