Author Topic: VAC 4 with VLS turret (for Q-Ships, ambushes etc)  (Read 838 times)

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VAC 4 with VLS turret (for Q-Ships, ambushes etc)
Some time ago Nyctaeus and I were discussing how to best make a "container based ambush" and on whim Nyctaeus whipped this up for me. We both didn't think it warranted a seperate release, but recently MatthTheGeek has toying with adding turrets to the TAC 1 and I let it slip on Discord that I was holding on to this. And so here it is packed for public consumption:

Note 1: On some nightly builds, the animation for the hatches reverses right after firing instead of waiting for a delay, which makes the hatches appear like they never opened. It should work as intended on builds from early April 2020 and by exptension the 19.0.0 release build.

Note 2: Neither of the two weapons included are balanced yet.

- Mjn.Mixael, MediaVPs version of the VAC 4
- Nyctaeus, adding turret & hatches
- "Anonymous A", FS-Port MediaVPs version of the Barracuda-missile
- "Anonymous B", for engine particle effects

ps. I couldn't determine who "Anonymous A" and "Anonymous B" really are, but if someone knows please speak up.
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Re: VAC 4 with VLS turret (for Q-Ships, ambushes etc)
That's a cool thing! :):yes: