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Yea, facebook is not for me, way to intrusive.


Slippster Starpilot:
I'm not on FB either, nor twitter. FB is poison, and i agree with Fletcher (imagine that!)  FAR too intrusive.

Well.... not like we're forcing it on you.

Games are now Saturday at 1 and Sunday at 2 PM EST.

Don't forgot to have a looksee at our Tachyon Service Bay options, the Arena Mod option opens up a number of craft not flyable during the campaign at the cost of the Phoenix and Claymore being no longer available. The Arena Mod also opens up a number of mounting options on many craft, so feel free to experiment with new loadouts!

Might as well add to mine since I noticed someone else put it up on theirs...

I was also DF(SoulBreaker)04


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