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General Battuta:
Yo sup. I love replaying Crysis 2 because it's one of the best shooters ever made (yeah I mean it!) and it looks like a million bucks. But I got bored with the limited challenge and decided to make some Fury AI style modifications to the enemy behavior.

You can download it here. Stick it in the 'mods' folder in your Crysis 2 install folder.

Usually you can select mods via an in-game menu, but that hasn't been working for me, so I just made a shortcut to the Crysis 2 .exe with '-mod battutamod' on the end.


You obviously better play on Posthuman Warrior for this **** to be max challenging, but most of it will still work on lower difficulties.

--- Quote ---NEW 2018 FEATURES
Ceph enemies use Armor, Cloak, and Speed modes.
Some CELL enemies wear Nanosuit 1.5A (as seen in multiplayer) and use Armor and Cloak modes.
Added the original Crysis SCAR as the SCAR-L.
Added slug and explosive rounds to the Marshall shotgun.
Added autofire to the NOVA pistol.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Removed the 'mercy rule': the AI will not stop shooting you for a few seconds when your health falls too low.
Health regeneration now kicks in after 25 seconds, not 5 seconds. You'll need to rely on your armor.
Slightly increased the power drain of moving fast while cloaked.
Vastly reduced the power cost of air slam, power kick, and power melee so you can actually use them.
Nerfed the 'deflection' armor perk from 25% damage reduction to 15%.
Increased the alertness and reaction time of the AI
The AI no longer fires in short bursts. As long as they have a clear shot, they'll fire until they have to reload.
CELL troopers got an armor upgrade: standard troopers were upgraded to armored trooper standard, and armored troopers got their bonuses increased by the same amount.
Ceph troopers' anti-cloak ping has a much larger AoE
Ceph troopers gain a ghetto speed mode that they use to zip between cover terrifyingly quickly
The railgun got a lot more ammo and can be refilled from ammo boxes because you only get to use it, like, twice and it's super fun

--- End quote ---

General Battuta:
You will know the mod is properly installed because the start screen will say "Press Battuta to Start"

Buying Crysis 2 now because battuta.

This is a rad idea! I'm eying one of those lovely R480s so I geuss I know how I will inaugarate it now :D

--- Quote ---The AI no longer fires in short bursts. As long as they have a clear shot, they'll fire until they have to reload.
--- End quote ---

Doesn't that make their guns spray all over the place?

I tried to start a Crysis 2 replay a couple weeks ago, but it keeps freezing and crashing about 5-10 min into playing.


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