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--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 20, 2020, 05:40:57 am ---So, what's the asset status for this? I mean the difference between "we, the fans, make a modern version of a protect IP" and "we, gamedevs, make something that we could sell without IP problems" is basically creating a complete new pool of assets.

--- End quote ---
Well, we're working on the portion that needs no additional 3d assets, but needs to be done regardless as our next step. We're also working on the portion that has no IP difficulties attached to it, and absolutely needs to be done in order to use any of our already-completed assets, since we've already started over from scratch anyway, as far as the flight & combat model goes. What we don't have to start over with is all the meticulous tests JGZinv did that gives us all the precise values for each ship's flight characteristics - and a knowledge that we absolutely can duplicate all of those characteristics in the current engine. That does a lot for morale right there. We don't know how THQ is going to react until we have something to show them. What we have is 3D assets and a flight/combat model that won't ever behave much more like Tachyon, as it stands. The idea is to get a game that flies and fights like Tachyon - and since we've deemed that to require a commercial engine, we may as well try for the whole enchilada. We were fine with sticking to an open-source fan mod as long as we thought FSO could do what we wanted - but since it can't, and since we're in a commercial engine now, we're going to give it a shot - once we have something to show. Until then, we have a whole lot of maybe-they'll-work-in-a-modern-game-but-we-aren't-holding-our-breath assets that aren't currently relevant, but are in our back pocket for later use in, say, a Demo. We have nearly a dozen fighters, a capship, all our weapons, powerups, multiple environmental models, and at least one station model completed. We're already at a playable Alpha stage as far as those go - and have been for nearly ten years, for what that's worth.

We will have something that flies and fights like Tach, no matter what happens. This general branching of routes has been a contingency plan all along.  We're just coming to it a lot later than we originally planned. We have several bridges in view up the road - but we'll cross them when we come to them. We are aware that there's a possibility that we'll need all new 3d assets, even if we do get the license - because we did most of them, if not all of them, over a decade ago. C'est la vie.

If you fellows want to change the board description, I think you need to message one of the site admins.  Try Axem, karajorma, Sandwich, Goober, Zacam, or Fineus - they've all logged in somewhat recently.

Makes sense, thanks.


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