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FringeSpace Moves to the Unreal Engine

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starlord: We're focusing mostly on multiplayer. We will, of course, keep your suggestion in mind.

Nightmare: It's a play on FS2 to some degree, certainly - but the "Fringe" is the fringe of civilized space - so we thought it was an amusing pun. It is, after all, a space sim :) As for commercial issues - we're a long way away from getting into that. However, if we do go that route, it will only be with the blessings (and, we hope, publishing) of the IP owner, should we end up developing a commercial sequel to T:TF. The IP owner has no current plans to do anything else with this particular IP, to the best of our knowledge. if we don't, there are a variety of options for having a game that *plays like* Tach, but isn't Tach. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Novachen: While we're focusing on Multi, (and we agree that UE is the best MP choice) a campaign isn't out of the picture. That we can build to our own specifications from the ground up as far as ship behaviors, weapons functionality and UI go, especially, is also one big reason we are going this route. As for voice acting, etc, I think we'll see once we get to that point. Jake would be an old dude by now. We certainly are!

As the announcement said, however, our immediate plans are to build a modular framework for a variety of different space sim types - then we'll worry about populating it with our particular flight & combat model, and optimizing our unique assets to use it. We won't be at the production stages of our particular game for a while yet.

To elaborate a bit on what RK said.  THQNordic bought out Novalogic some years back now. At the time they said they were looking for game proposals on any of the licenses they had acquired.
Tachyon was one of those, to a degree I think it's more well known than F22, but not as much as maybe Comanche or Delta Force.

Now when that went out, I tried to inquire of THQNordic. I got no reply.   I have tried again in the last few days because we had an offer of the source code for Tachyon being given to us on the contingency that THQ allows it.  I'll wait a few more days and then instead of hitting their HQ I'll start poking the very new New York branch of the company. I may start sending mail after that.
Generally, THQNordic has had a ok relationship with modders and the community from what I've observed.  Novalogic was just a void.

As RK said we're first going to build up this framework. Basically make a UE Flight Combat Starter Kit, and then we'll push as needed to determine the status of the license. If THQ doesn't want us at that point, when we'll have released such a kit and can show what we're looking at doing, then I don't think they ever will budge. If that's the case we'll do something without the Tachyon IP. We'd rather not, but at that point it's just a impasse wall.

Bruce is very picky it seems with what he does nowadays. I get it why everyone wants him back, but it could come down to an impersonator.  I had an idea for a campaign dlc that revolved around Redship Rory's son, so I think there are plenty of other stories in the Fringe. The fanfic section here is also indicative of that.

I'm not trying to slam what has been achieved with FSO over the years, but yes multiplayer was a major factor in the decision along with other things we just couldn't make.

Androgeos Exeunt:
You might want to update the board description while you're at it. ;)

So, what's the asset status for this? I mean the difference between "we, the fans, make a modern version of a protect IP" and "we, gamedevs, make something that we could sell without IP problems" is basically creating a complete new pool of assets.


--- Quote from: Androgeos Exeunt on October 19, 2020, 10:45:25 pm ---You might want to update the board description while you're at it. ;)

--- End quote ---

Couldn't find the menu to do that when we looked the other day.


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