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Re: [RELEASE] NTF Reskin Pack
This pack is now available on Knossos, including maps for the new Leviathan!

This release allows a modder to use these skins by adding the NTF ship textutes mod as a dependency,


Sample using Pandora's Box:
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Re: [RELEASE] NTF Reskin Pack
I don't feel like this is a terribly radical change to lore, and making it optional would be a nice for those who want standard. It's only paint after all.


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Re: [RELEASE] NTF Reskin Pack
Only paint???

Paint wins wars!!

what campaign was it where you escorted paint for the colossus?
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Re: [RELEASE] NTF Reskin Pack
Only paint???

Paint wins wars!!

what campaign was it where you escorted paint for the colossus?

Just Another Day  :lol:
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Re: [RELEASE] NTF Reskin Pack
I have added this mod :v:  like 1 month ago, to the Settings on Knossos.NET as a mod to always load; Beautiful Work great complement for the media Works Works Upgrades, what a pleasant recent surprise; great on FS1 Port and FS2O, I hope doesn't collide with other Campaigns.
I wish KNET would have a way to tell it to use a mod if the mod target hasn't been fulfilled yet; but IIRC the General Mods take priority over Local Mods
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