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Day of Heroes campaign updated. Bug in mission 11 fixed.

There will be no March to Terra campaign. There is no no interested to convert that one to MCO240.
I hired some mercs that converted all other campaigns except Carver V (modified version converted by me and the original version by Karl).

It is a lot of work and I dont have time.

Hi, I am getting the following error with the Clan Eagle campaign - trying to launch Mission 7 Sierra Foxtrot 11

 "Variant Number 3 does not exist for mech data\objects\thunder.csv.  Please set variant in editor!"

Game is crashing as a result. Any ideas? Many thanks. Great work with MCO by the way :)

The game will not crush if you click "continue".

Can I extract the Carver V campaign, then copy over all the text in the fit file over into exodus campaign fit? And all the missions folder...

Then edit each mission to fix units.


I just like the idea of Exodus company continuing to work.

does anyone know a total number of how many missions for MCO exist? Are those ~170 missions above all?


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