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Hello Wolfman-x !

Which commands in this list don't work ?
Every command I've highlighted in red was pulled from Magic's version.txt, Magic's mission.abl's and/or Magic's warriorbrains.abl's. All of which are currently in-use throughout Magic's campaign in some form, for MCO.

Some commands (as noted in most places) are for specific use within a mission or a warriorbrain only.

If you are referring to "Cmunsta's MCG Campaign Builders Guide II", then please re-read my opening statement, I've already said that some of those commands might not work as intended in MCO, it being a guide for MCG... but it has been a great source of information for me that I thought deserved an honourable mention.

If you could point out what isn't working as intended then I can adjust/edit the original post to stop the spread of mis-information, because I really don't like my list being slated as "for those who might want to use this list and trust it. :shaking: " .

Maybe I'm just not a keen fan of the panic/shaking emote.... ....

Cheers :)

For example try to remove a building using

ObjectRemove(UnitID);         // remove (PartID/BuildingID)

..and CUMSTA"s work was focused on MC1: that is what I referred to with my comments on former MC versions.
The code is partially MC1 code.

This was no criticism in your listing more an additional information for other potential users from my own experience.

Thanks for the sticky ! I feel honoured !

Second post above is updated with all my up-to-date ABL commands.

Wow !.. Thanks for the awesome list Magic !

That is some seriously cool scripting/abl commands for builders/editors/creators to add some spice to their maps....


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