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DEMO RELEASE: FreeSpace 2 Port to FreeSpace 1

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--- Quote from: General Battuta on April 01, 2016, 08:29:01 am ---This sounds like a great chance to bring the FS2 script up to FS1 standards!
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Tempting!  But that would be an ambitious project, and we'd lose the voice acting.

We should probably start with a smaller project, like nostalgiafying Silent Threat: Reborn.  We could reduce the number of characters, make the GTI more mysterious, and simplify the missions.  Though we should probably save one grand battle for the final mission.

--- Quote from: Axem on April 01, 2016, 08:40:47 am ---Whats the word on Descent: FreeSpace 2? I'd love to be able to fly the inside that asteroid base and defeat the NTF bots.
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Sadly, my experience with modding Descent is nonexistent.  I believe Galemp has done some work in that area, but not recently.

You. Are. Mad.


you need to continue building fs1 to fs2
i did finished in no time the first three are great

So it is really happen.

After 14 long years, Freespace 2 finally arrived on Amiga :).

I expect that others will follow you and we'll get all magnificent campaigns in one truly great FS1. :yes:


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