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No voice in Freespace Port

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Hello !

This is my very first post. In a moment of nostalgy, I was searching for some Wing Commander kind of games and ended up reading about Freespace.

Here I am, having installed FS2, Knossos, and the mod Freespace Port (with MediaVPs).

Things seem to work fine, except there is no voice in the game. Maybe it's normal, but I suspect I have a problem...

Hence my question, is there some voices in the game ? If so, how could I get them ?

Thanks a lot for any help.


Well... in the end I just played the game without voices. Still a good game to play once.

Will start Freespace 2 now where voices seem to work normally.

BTW, it's really a good job that has been done by the developers here. Besides that voice problem, installation is easy and it works really well. Credits for that...

I apologize that no one took the time to answer your question, we obviously suck. :ick:

In the FSPort campaign menu under Knossos, look for an option that says "Modify" (I don't have Knossos installed right now, so I'm not absolutely certain where this is; it might be under FSO Options). This will open a list of all the files and optional components that are either currently installed or can be installed by the mod. Look for an option to install voices there, or something similar to "stu_fs1.vp", as that's the file containing the voices for the campaign.

Also check the in-game options menu to make sure that you have briefing voices enabled, as that's a separate toggle.

What Antares said.  The voice is supposed to be installed by default, but sometimes it isn't.

Glad you're able to make progress nonetheless. :yes:


Yes no worries.

I just finished Freespace 2. Really good game indeed. I found it superior to FS1. WC Prophecy is still my favorite game of the kind but I'd put Freespace 2 right behind.

I take the opportunity to thank again all the people that have worked on making this game such good after all those years. It really looks good actually.


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