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RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
Sol: A History Reborn

Sol: A History: A prequel to Inferno, Blaise Russel's historical epic follows the political turmoil in Sol after its isolation from the colonies. Lengthy and challenging, S:AH is a major work by one of the community's most successful designers.

S:AH offers you 40+ action packed missions.  This new release has been updated and rebalanced to use Nyctaeus's new collection of EA assets for Inferno: Nostos.  Additionally Sol: A history is now fully voice acted.  As with anything Inferno related, S:AH is now packed with never before seen models, skyboxes, cbanims and more!  You've flown for the GTVA in Nostos, now try the other side!


[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 2.0.0.


Blaise Russel - Original concept and campaign
Inferno team - Inferno assets such as ships, effects, music etc.
Admiral Nelson - Patch to 2.0 as documented below, FREDing, cbanim creation, skyboxes, voice editingetc.
Nyctaeus - All New EA fleet!
FrikgFeek - Testing, balance advice
Colonol Dekker - voice of Comissar Schlecht
Darius - Audio advice
HLP grognards - GTC Cruiser voices
IronBeer - Head ANIs
Legacy FSCRP team (Mobius, ShadowGorrath, etc) - Earlier patches

Special thanks to FrikgFeek for his tireless testing and debugging.


NEW Two dozen new EA fleet assets made to Nyctaeus's latest standards!
NEW SAH is now voice acted, with around 1500 voice files!
NEW Rebalanced and upgraded missions
NEW EA specific HUD replacing the old BtRL HUD
NEW FRED bugfixes and modernization as appropriate
NEW Truetype fonts and resolution scaling Axem messagebox


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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
OMG! VOICE acted?!
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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
Just got the update...then knossos said "no executable found" -_-


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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
Hell yes, this goes onto the TODO list on a very high spot!
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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
OMG! VOICE acted?!
TBF, it's mostly TTS but often sounds surprisingly good :P.
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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
OMG! VOICE acted?!

I approve this feature.
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Re: RELEASE: Sol: A History Reborn
I decided to give it a whirl.  I see what you mean by the TTS, but it's better than nothing.  I did notice however, that EAC1-A7 is missing any "voice acted" debriefing.
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