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"Arachnaphobia" suggestion

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On the mission "Arachnophobia", you are given access to a support ship in case you need more EMPs or TAG missiles.  However, when I played it recently, sometimes it would be summoned by another allied ship.  The problem with this is that sometimes the support ship gets summoned right next to the Arachnas and it gets taken out by Shivan craft or the Arachnas' defenses.  After that the player isn't allowed to summon another support ship (and that could lead to the player being stuck).

This isn't a huge problem (it doesn't always happen so it's not inherently gamebreaking...and if played somewhat carefully with taking one's time one shouldn't run out of ammo), but do you think one of these suggestions could be put in?
1-Only allow the player to initially summon the support ship (so he or she could summon it away from heavy combat)
2-If it gets destroyed, allow a second support ship to be requested

I just checked... in this mission, once support ships are allowed, an unlimited number of support ships should be able to be summoned.  How exactly is the player not allowed to summon a support ship?  Is the communication option not available?  Is it available, but not functional?  Something else?

After the first support ship got destroyed, I brought up the communications menu "C", but the support option "5" was greyed out in the communications menu.  It's kind of like how if reinforcements aren't available for a mission then "4" is greyed out.

Well that shouldn't happen.  Do you see that behavior if you load from a checkpoint?

(I don't expect a checkpoint to make a difference, but loading from a checkpoint would make it quicker to test the mission.)

I tested this mission from a checkpoint (through the techroom), and after the first support ship was destroyed, after a few seconds I was able to call in a second one (this second one was actually called in by someone else but the option to rearm was in the communications menu this time at least).

Perhaps I just needed to give it a few more seconds the first time around.

The checkpoint I used to test this was the third option "Destroy Gamma's beam turret."

Anyways, I consider this issue solved as far as I can see.  Thanks for the advice/time.


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