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"Crashing The Party" Diappointment


Trivial Psychic:
I was just playing 'Crashing the Party', and after a poor run where the Saladin went down, I replayed it, and on a whim, ignored orders, and left my wingmen to protect the Narandum, while I got into Maxim range of the Moloch attacking the Harthanet, and took out its beam turrets.  It still had 70% hull, so I thought that it would probably survive.  I was confused later on, when it disappeared from my escort list.  Once I'd completed my objectives, I looked back through the mission event list (under F4) and found that the Harthanet had self-destructed.  That was disheartening.  I wonder if you might either A, include a bonus objective for its survival, (which would require some more voice files at least for the mission debriefing), or B, guardian-threshold the Moloch's beams until the Harthanet is destroyed.

We don't currently have the ability to generate new voice files, and anyway the storyline for that mission really warrants the destruction of a cruiser, given the desperation and chaos.

The mission is set up so that the Harthenet self-destructs if the Ranoth or its beam turrets are destroyed.  I suppose guardianing the beam turrets is reasonable though.


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