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--- Quote from: The E on May 28, 2012, 04:05:24 am ---While working on some of the reported issues, I have stumbled upon the sourcecode for the modfile utility. However, in order to test it, I need to take a look at the modfile.bat script mentioned in the bug report. Can someone post it here?

--- End quote ---

Here's a copy of wdboyd's My Mod Example that contains the createmod.bat.

What licence has the source code and graphics assets been released under?

Comment at the top of each source code file is still a copyright in favour of John DiCamillo, i.e. not freely open source.

John DiCamillo, aka Milo, is the game's author, who thus released the source and the game into the open.

(Unless I am somehow mistaken)

The E:
Yes, but he did not change the license agreement. I will try to contact him to see if I can arrange for BSD licensing for the code and CC-BY-NC for the data files.

On that note, does anyone have a valid email address for him?

Do you have contact info for him? If not I can try to dig into the snapshots available of ssmods to see if I can find milo's email address. I was able to find a few addresses from site members via that method.


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