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"I wonder what the D means"

Now i see, it must be about the Debug mode build, since I haven't changed that. The game with the resulted exe got slower too , maybe some optimizaztion is turned on only in release mode.

How can you debug Starshatter with Visual Studio? I have attached the *_D.exe to the debugger, but the game is running in full screen and I can't alt+tab back to the IDE properly. I can reach breakpoints and use the keyboard shortcuts like F5, but the screen is blocked by the stucked black window of the game.

I have found the solution in the Starshatter.cpp sourcefile, game must be started with the -dbg parameter and it will force it into window mode.

In the meantime I have tryed out some tweaks here and there and now some of the possibilties are:
- elliptic orbits (a quick iterative solution of Kepler's equation for mean to eccentric anomaly inside each time step)**
- true inclinated orbits by absolute value or relative to axial tilt (it was defined not for orbits, but only for regions, by rotating the direction of the sun, counts in cases like Saturn with spectacular rings and many small moons)
- synchron rotation (Moon-Earth) with a phase offset
- phase offset to emulate same radius resonant orbits
- simple Lagrange point orbits
- zero radius orbit to place a small (~20km) moon into the origo (there is no collosion detection you can't hide behind it)***

A side effect of inclinated orbits are that quantum jumps have some random z component now, which might be fun, but I have to investigate this more.

Besides the celestial ones there are some other changes too, like the hud of the weaponview now writes out the name and status of the next and preveous subsystem targets. During the heat of the battle it's hard to keep cool and cycle to the corect subtarget and this enhanced feedback helps a bit. Right now I would like to change the fighter AI to aim different subsystem with each missile and see how it changes the ballance. With debug in hand, I'm going to to work a bit on the mutiplayer part too.

These are just 1st steps, (each line of code introduces new bugs, refactoring, etc.), but in the long run I would like to submit some of my changes back to the main version.

** It's not that much useful since most orbits have small eccentricity and realtively slow in terms of play time. A funy exception is around the zolon home planet, where they must have a neutron star in core.  ;)
***Maybe sometimes (when I touch the thruster part of the game) I will try out gravity and virtual frame forces too and see how the AI gets completly messed up.  :D

Hello. Hope I'm posting this in the right spot.

Trying to get into this game, but the interface is feeling a bit . . . uncooperative. I'm particularly having difficulty mapping keys and buttons to my satisfaction. It feels as though a number of the keys are not actually available for remapping, such as the retro-thrusters, and others. I really would like to try and play this game out a bit more extensively, but until I can figure out how to get the control setup in a comfortable configuration, I can't really move forward.

Can anyone lend me a hand?

Im on the other hand, cannot download the thing because freespacemod links are dead for me... :/


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