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Things to do in the source code

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can someone post the fighters fix to the starshatter-open svn?

Added the following to the Tactical Reference Display in order to reduce clutter:
Ships now have empire listed (new field)
Capital Ships and Fighters split (separate tabs)
Weapons and Armaments split (separate tabs)
Working on: Empire logo buttons will select only ships belonging to that empire. (toggle buttons)

starshatter open svn don't seem to update from 2013.
i'm glad to you try to update starshatter open.

can you fix main screen ui?
it can't press upper/lower edge button correctly when you use fullscreen mode.

it seem to fix that "not sourse released" build.

I'll look into it.  It is annoying.  Three things I want to do with it. 
1. OpenGL conversion (so it will work on Macs, tablets and what not)
2. a multiplayer database-driven game.  JSON? SQL?
3. removing MAG and replacing it with straight OBJ/MTL files (MAG doesn't NRM, SPEC and OCC maps for some reason) and the 16K Poly limit is annoying.

My Unity3D build is gorgeous, but converting the real code from C++ to C# is a pain.... (can do 1, 2 and 3 easily)

Always happy to see interest -- unfortunately development of an active coding community around Starshatter source code has yet to occur. Possibly in part that the FS2Open-related devs also became quite busy with a period of rapid coding improvements to the FS2Open engine (2012/2013 were a good time!).

Perhaps in future there will be renewed interest in SS?


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