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[Re-release] Hellgate: Ikeya, Omnibus version (1.1.1)

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Took a bit longer than expected - now I will be gone for a while (got some papers to write):

Why the SC Taranis retreated to the Ikeya-System of all places, is a mystery that baffled the strategists of the GTA. To solve the mystery the GTD Galatea was sent to scout the system and confirm the size of the Shivan presence there.

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Note: This release will eventually folded into a Memories of the Great War-"omnibus" release. (Done)

Summary of changes since the 2007 release:
- Updated Mission 2 to make it robust and forgiving.
- Overhauled Mission 3 to employ a better mechanic for the Download from the Suspicion.
- Added a new Epilogue. (Note: Due to engine limitations the sequence of the Epilogue is not optimal, I would have prefered the Fiction to come at end instead)
- Each mission now uses a system that limits the use of the Support Ship. Each Support Ship will now leave the field after resupplying 5 times. The maximum number of support ships is also capped each mission, the cap scales with difficulty, e.g. on Insane it's 2/3/2/5 while on Medium it's 7/12/7/15 (read {Mission 1}/{Mission 2}/{Mission 3}/{Mission 4}).


Based on Conflict: Freespace by :v:

Uses the Freespace Port

Scenario/Mission Design - Jan ''0rph3u5'' Dombert

Scripts - "Axem"

Beta Testers:
2007 release:
- "Macfie"
- "Trashman"
2009 update candidate:
- "Rodo"
- "Solatar"
2016 update candidate:
- "Taranis"
- "Lykurgos88"

All contributors to the "Let's crowdsource an in-universe comments section!"-topic on HLP (Link):
- "Damage"
- "Kiloku"
- "Firesteel"
- "Assasin714"
- "Cyborg17"
- "MitoPL"

Special Thanks to:
- My friends and family,
- "Spoon",
- "Axem",
- "Mobius",
- "Nyctaeus",
- the community at Hard Light Productions,
- the Freespace Port-team,
- all contributors of the Freespace Upgrade Project
- and most of all, the Freespace 2 Source Code Project.

The "core"-package also contains:
- PVFg Cleopatra aka PVM Naunet – by “Axem”, with textures by “Black Wolf”
- PVCa Ramses aka PVCa Bastet – by “Black Wolf”
- GTF Hercules, Recon-variant – by “Galemp”
- PVM Duat - by "Oddgrim"

The campaign also comes bundeled with Axem's Message Box-script as an optional package.
(Note: the packages "Message Box-Script" and "Message Box-Script+small HUD" are mutually exclusive)

Hidden Text: Beta Videos • ShowAccess to the videos has been restricted temporarily as I've recieved a copyright complaint through YouTube against them.

Hidden Text: Loading Screen Texts • Show[Mission 1] The Sianai Incident (2327), part 1

Since the beginning of the Fourteen Year War, scientists on both sides researched ways to transit ships through higher subspace domains. The GTA's efforts remained fruitless as more conventional subjects for wartime research were favoured by the Admiralty Board.

[Mission 2] The Sianai Incident (2327), part 2

In 2327, a Vasudan research team reported a breakthrough in subspace technology at the Sianai research station in Aldebaran. While the details of their research were not transmitted, the PVN leadership greatly anticipated the practical application of the results.

[Mission 3] The Sianai Incident (2327), part 3

Information of the Sianai team's breakthrough was leaked to agents of the GTI. As a response the GTI dispatched a covert operations unit behind enemy lines to observe, sabotage and steal the enemy research.
[Mission 4] The Sianai Incident (2327), part 4

As result of the GTI's sabotage, the Sinai research station was partially displaced into subspace, destroying the equipment and killing the scientists. The GTI team was never heard from again.

Hidden Text: Medals in Hellgate: Ikeya • ShowAll medals require the player to set the difficulty to at least "Medium" and not to use cheats. Also, due to engine limitations only one medal can be earned per mission.

Mission 1 - Commendation Medal (1)
- Successful Mission Completion
- When Delta and Epsilon arrive, the Lone Wolf's hull value must be > 85 %.

Mission 2 - Distinguished Service Cross
- Successful Mission Completion
- All ships of Gemini wing must successfully dock with the Galatea.

Mission 3 - Commendation Medal (2)
- Successful Mission Completion
- The Galatea must never fall below 85% hull value.

Mission 3 - GTI Unit
- Scan the engine subsystem on the Suspicion's wreckage.

Mission 4 - Distinguished Flying Cross
- Fully disarmed the Orcus before it escaped.

Mission 4 - Commendation Medal (3)
- Successful Mission Completion
- The Galatea must never fall below 75% hull value.

Played, enjoyed - altough personally i foung Lights more fun to play, yet Hellgate was definatelly worth time spend to finish it - i realy enjoyed mission with data dowloading - it was a challenge for me, and yet it was still fair.

Hopefully we will get third part of memories soon!

why no highlight?


--- Quote from: Nightmare on July 07, 2019, 06:19:31 pm ---why no highlight?

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I didn't ask for one, and personally I don't think it deserves one: It's a re-release after all.

If it's a major improvement it deserves highlight (and you get more people to play it). :)


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