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Title: Lore of the Support Ninja II: The debug_filter.cfg of DREAD
Post by: The E on June 13, 2011, 11:52:24 am
One day, the apprentice came to the Ninja Master, seeking enlightenment once more.
"Master," he said, "I have studied the log according to the ancient scriptures, and have learned much. But still there are nuances that escape me, crashes that remain unsolved, errors that I cannot explain. How can this humble student divine more information from the log?".
For a moment, the Master sat in silence. Then, with the slightest move of his index finger, he commanded one of his tigers to bring forth a tome of ancient knowledge. "Read, and be enlightened," he said. "May you find all the information you need."

This is what the apprentice read:

Hello, and welcome. We at Logomatic Industries are glad that you chose to invest in a LOGOTRON 3000 system to fill your logging requirements for <PRODUCT NAME HERE>. To help you customize the LOGOTRON 3000's output to suit your requirements, a filtering facility has been added for your convenience.

When starting the debug executable, a file named "debug_filter.cfg" will be looked for in %APPDATA%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\data (if you're on windows). If it is not found, only "General" debug info will be displayed. If the file exists, but is empty, all options are treated as being "on", and the exe will automatically add options as it encounters them during execution. Using this file, you can add more debug output options. This is what it looks like:
Code: [Select]
+Fred routing

Options are always preceded by a "+" or "-", with "-" indicating that a given category will be filtered out.

Here's a breakdown of the various options, and what they signify: